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Cyclosporine 59865-13-3 structure

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#1. GMP/FDA: Our API is approved by China SFDA and US FDA, whole sets of registration docs are ready.

#2. High Standards: We test it strictly according to USP monograph

#3. Samples For Quality Approval and registration are Available

#4. Quality guarantee: for any quality issues there will be free exchange of goods or full refund.

#5. Low MOQ: our moq starts at 1KG for tial orders.

#6. Short lead time: compared to other GMP manufacturer, our lead time is 1~2 days shorter.

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What is Cyclosporine?

Cas number: 59865-13-3

Molecular formula: C62H111N11O12

Molecular weight: 1202.6 g/mol

Also known as cyclosporin or cyclosporin a, it is s a white to off-white crystalline solid very soluble in acetone and methanol, slightly soluble in water. It is one of our GMP Approved APIs

It is an immunosuppressant peptide with eleven amino acids. Other people also call it ciclosporine, cyclosporin, and cyclosporin A, they are the same product. It is mainly used in patients for organ transplants. It can reduce the activity of the patient’s immune system, so it can lower the risks of organ rejection. It can also be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, nephrotic syndrome. People also make it into eye drops for dry eyes.

Cyclosporine vs Tacrolimus

cyclosporine vs tacrolimus

Those two are common drugs used for patients of transplantation to achieve adequate immunosuppression and to prevent acute rejection. Below are their differences in details.

#1. Age

Cyclosporine was discovered in 1971 and approved as immunosuppressant drugs for organ transplant rejection. Tacrolimus was not discovered till 1980s and not approved as drug for transplant rejections untill 1989.

#2. Danger to Kidney

Studies conducted by Nephrology Department, Hospital de Santo António, Porto, Portugal has shown that tacrolimus is less nephrotoxic. While tacrolimus showed easier blood pressure control but a higher chance to cause diabetes.

#3. Popularity

Studies have showed that tacrolimus is superior in terms of survival, graft loss, acute rejection, and steroid-resistant rejection in the first year. Tacrolimus is the most popular for maintenance immunosuppression after liver transplantation.

#4. Raw material cost

For both those pharm-grade APIs approved by Chinese SFDA, the tacrolimus price is much higher. The tacrolimus price of 100G is about 130usd/g, while the cyclosporine price is about 2500~3000usd/kg.

One is sold by GRAM, one is sold by KG. Tacrolimus is is just more expensive in terms of unit price.

What is the HS code of cyclosporine?

It is an organic compound and a cyclic peptide with eleven amino acids.

Though it is used as an immunosuppressant, it is classified as one group of chemical compounds called other antibiotics with HS code as 2941909090 in China.

What is the cyclosporine cost? (Last update 2020.01.10)

For commericial order quantities with GMP&FDA approval, our price is about1600usd/kg as cnf by air.

For small order quantities of 1kg, our cost is around 2000usd/kg as door-to-door price by express.

The price is subject to stock status and raw material price change, contact us directly for its latest quote.

You can also check its India export prices listed on pharmacompass as below:

As you can see from the prices above, the average export price is 1600usd per kg, which is similar to ours. But you know what, we can arrange fast shipment. Trust me on the lead time.

We also see the lowest offer is 1350usd per kilo, and this price is possible when old stocks need to be sold urgently. Only in that case you would be able to get prices around 1300usd.

In other cases, watch out for quality issues by such a price.

Where to buy cyclosporine?

If you need it for making capsules or tablets, we have raw materials approved with GMP/DMF for your MOH registration.

If you need it for research, check those prices from famous reagent companies below. The best price for it is from trc-Canada, 65usd/g for 5g. Other prices from sigma and mce are way more expensive.

For whatever reason, you should give octagonchem a shot and we will do out best to deliver the first-tier goods with reasonable costs. You can contact us for a quote for comparison now.

Price from sigma is 310usd for 0.1g

Price from trc-canada is 65usd/g for 5g

Price from mce 200usd for 0.5g

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