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365-24-7 services from octagonchem

365/24/7 Service

You can find us at 365/24/7. You get our 24/7 services for being our customer. 

Your request will be responded and handled the moment we get noticed, either by email or by the call. 

Tell us what chemicals you need, we will get it done, simple as that!

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Quality chemicals from chemical manufacturer and suppliers

Guaranteed Quality​

What you get from octagonchem are quality chemicals. 

We guarantee the quality for you through layers of testings. Ready stock will be retested before released for export. You will get a free 3-rd party testing for new chemicals and you are fully covered by our quality management system.

You Are Free From The Worries For Quality!

competitive price for quality chemicals

Competitive Price

When you send us inquiries on APIs and chemicals, you will find our offer is a very reasonable price for the same quality chemicals provided by our competitors. 

We try our best to keep our costs down so we can help you generate more revenue and lower your buying cost.

You have Solutions With Limited Budget!

If you are looking for reliable chemical suppliers in China, and you want to buy chemicals and get them safely in your hands, OCTAGONCHEM is your top choice.

We manufacture and stock pharmaceutical ingredients, industrial chemicals, APIs for compounding pharmacy, chemicals for lab researches for over 7 years. 

We have provided custom synthesis services and chemical solutions for over 4000 customers

We are looking forward to partnering up with you to lower your buying cost, too.

Many of our customers praised us for our flexible terms and good communications after working with us!

Some of our current customers say it all!


ahmed from boston group

Mr. El Sheikh: Supply Chain Section Head Of Boston Group

‘They are not considered as a just brokers/supplier, they are real partners in business, they are professional persons (especially Mr. Chris).

I have worked with them on many items, they are hard workers, honest & self-motivated people.’

Dr. Fonorow From Vitamin C Foundation

Dr. Owen Fonorow: Founder&CEO of Vitamin C Foundation

‘We have been importing vitamins over decades from Asia, Europe, etc, but mainly from China.

Though we only dealt with Chris a couple of times,  tell you what, they are the real professionals. I, 100%, recommend them if you are importing chemicals from China too.’

What We Can Do For You

With our 10-year experiences of pharmaceutical and chemical supply, your steady supply of quality APIs and chemicals is guaranteed. 

What you will get from us are only quality chemicals with competitive prices.

Some of our pharmaceutical ingredients in stock are from the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers in China.

Our kindest customers even recommended us to other chemical importers they know who need a chemical supplier with better service and reliability. 

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If you are buying research chemicals from China, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

Then you can compare the chemical prices of different qualities.

In case you are not clear why such big price difference, we are happy to explain to you why. 

FREE Background Reports for New Chemical Suppliers

Or you are buying a new chemical and you are not so sure about the reliability of your new supplier.

Just leave us a message and we will help you run the background checks for free and file you a final report!

You can also check our article about how to run background checks on chemical suppliers in China.

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