98% Pure SM-102 In Bulk For Sale

Why You Should Purchase SM-102 From Us?

#1. High purity:

Our purity by HPLC is over 99%, you can contact us for the latest testing spectrum to verify.

Its purity can also be proved by the clear 1HNM spectrum.

From the clear peaks of hydrogen groups, you can tell it is very pure.

#2. Better prices than most of the reagent companies:

There are many online vendors for it due to the outbreak of COVID-19, from their websites you can see the cost.

Online prices range from 4000 USD per gram to 6000 USD per gram even if you need 1G.

Our price for 1G is less than 1500 USD and we can give you a wholesale price if you order 5g or more.

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What Is SM-102?

sm-102 chemical structure
SM-102 Chemical Structure

Cas No.: 2089251-47-6

Molecular Weight: 710.182 mol/g

Molecular Formula: C44H87NO5

Chemical Name: 9-Heptadecanyl 8-{(2-hydroxyethyl)[6-oxo-6-(undecyloxy)hexyl]amino}octanoate

SM-102 is a synthetic amino lipid that is used in combination with other lipids to form lipid nanoparticles.

It is used for the delivery of mRNA-based vaccines, and in particular, SM-102 forms part of the drug delivery system for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

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