Try Our Chemical Sourcing Services Now!

If you prefer to deal with chemical factories and pharmaceutical manufacturers directly, we are happy to recommend factories to you For Free. 

Give us the name or Cas Number of the chemicals you need and we will give you the prices of 2~3 manufacturers within 2~3 days.

We provide FREE chemical sourcing services.

Also, we provide services of custom synthesis (custom peptide synthesis/custom chemical synthesis), chemical factory inspection & audit, 3rd-Party Testing for customers.

Chemical Sourcing Services (TOTALLY FREE)

With our extensive experience in API/Chemical production and supply industry, we will be able to provide you with 2~3 manufacturers/factories for your reference.

We will give you our recommendations, and background checking details, providing you with all the info concerning the vendors and standard product details for your ref.

Then you can deal directly with vendors you like, that is why more and more buyers choose octagonchem for chemicals.

When you feel the price is ok and you are ready to order, a service fee will be charged against your order amount. Our service rate can be as low as 1%), or we can agree on a certain amount.

If you have sourcing requests for ANY chemicals that you have not found the right factory in China, please send an email to

One of our sourcing specialists will contact you within 1 working day!

Third Party Testing

If you are not so sure about the purity and structure of the chemical and you prefer 3rd-party testing before goods are sent out, you can contact us for third-party testing.

Testing items include but are not limited to purity, 1HNMR, and LC-MS.

Custom Synthesis

We provide custom-synthesis services for pharmaceutical intermediates, special chemicals, cosmetics ingredients, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Please send detailed Cas No or structure to Felix by email:

Manufacturer Audit

We have chemical factory inspection or accompanying audit of the pharmaceutical manufacturers and pre-shipment inspection services (Excluding transport and boarding cost, totally free if commercial order confirmed to factory)

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