Pure Kojic Acid Dipalmitate Powder For Sale

Kojic acid dipalmitate structure

Kojic acid dipalmitate structure

Purity:98% 99%

Standards: Enterprise

Free sample For Quality Approval: Available

Packing: 25kg/drum (standard)

MOQ: 1KG (Subject To Negotiation)

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What is kojic acid dipalmitate?

Kojic acid palmitate is the palmitate ester of Kojic acid. It is an off-white powder with excellent anti-oxidant ability. It is one of our most hot-selling cosmetic ingredients. People use Kojic acid dipalmitate widely in cosmetics to lighten and even out skin tone, to treat acne scars, sun-burns, and age spots. It is regarded as one of the most popular and effective skin-whitening agents in the cosmetic industry. It is superior to its ancestor kojic acid and later we will explain why.

Kojic acid dipalmitate vs kojic acid

Kojic acid dipalmitate vs kojic-acid

Kojic acid palmitate is a derivative of kojic acid and it is regarded as the best kojic acid version in kojic acid family. Below is why:

#1 Better in eliminating pigmentation and melasma

Clinical trials have shown that kojic acid dipalmitate’s efficiency is over 50%, and the total effective rate is over 90%.

#2 Better whitening effect 

Kojic acid ester has a stronger inhibitory effect on melanin production than kojic acid. For example, kojic acid dibutyrate ester is twice powerful in stopping melanin production than kojic acid

#3 More stable

As an ester, Kojic acid palmitate is a more stable chemical than kojic acid. Because the active hydroxyl groups in kojic acid are protected by esterification, kojic acid palmitate is less likely to go yellow or bad when exposed to air, heat, and air. It won’t react with many metal ions in the cosmetics to make your lotion yellow either.

#4 Better compatibility with other whitening ingredients

Kojic acid palmite is almost compatible with any preservatives and sunscreens used for cosmetics. It blends well with Vitamin C, alpha arbutin, and Vitamin C derivatives to get a better-whitening effect. Researches have shown that the combined-whitening-effect increased exponentially.

#5 Safer to use

As an ester, kojic acid palmitate is neutral to your skin. While your skin is easy to get itchy when exposed to an acid such as kojic acid. Researches have shown that Kojic acid solution is more likely to cause itching or irritation to your skin.

#6 Higher Cost

After so many advantages of dipalmitate over kojic acid, kojic acid has its own advantages. Kojic acid is cheaper, it costs about 1/9 of dipalmitate powder. Also the purity of kojic acid powder is 99% as min, dimalmitate kojic acid purity is 98% as min.

What is kojic acid dipalmitate HS Code?

Kojic acid dipalmitate is an organic esther. It belongs to an group of compounds called ‘other heterocyclic compounds containing only oxygen as heteroatoms’, with HS Code as 2932999099.

What is kojic acid dipalmitate price?

For small order quantities of 10kg, our price is about 120USD/KG

For commercial order quantities of 500kg or more, our fob shanghai price is about 40USD/KG.

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