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Merck buys chemicals for research from octagonchem
Hikal pharma buys apis for research from octagonchem
Novo Nordisk active melocules from octagonchem
Cipla Limited buys chemicals for research from octagonchem
Astellas buys research chemicals from octagonchem
abcr buys research chemicals from octagonchem
Johns Hopkins University buys chemicals for research from octagonchem
Chemo Sa and Insud Pharma buys chemicals for research from octagonchem

If you are unhappy about what others suppliers have done for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and see if we can do better.

No matter if it is the quality control, or it is the lead time guarantee!

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Some new customers have asked us: What are the exact reasons that other buyers buy chemicals from octagonchem?

Looking back on our successful customer cases, though we are not 100% sure, we have compiled those 4 most possible reasons so you find them useful.

#1. Quality Guarantee

we guess the first one should be our quality chemicals at reasonable prices.

We run strict tests on all chemicals before we ship them out.

Because of our strict Quality Control, our quality dispute rate has been below 0.14% since 2013.

Once our customers decide to work with us, they are worry-free about quality.

#2. Fast Response and Good Communication

The second reason should be fast responses and good communication.

We try to reply to all inquiries within one working day. You can count on us on 365/24/7.

We try to deliver the best chemical sourcing services in China for all customers.

Though there are some requirements from our customers that are time-consuming to be taken care of, we update our customers every step of the way and let them know where we are and how long will the rest take.

#3. Flexible Payment Terms

The third reason should be flexible and favorable payment terms.

We have credit terms for regular customers.

We are very confident in our quality, that’s why we are not afraid to offer credit terms for our regular customers.

As for favorable terms, it works this way: if you recommend us to new chemical buyers, both you and the new customers will get a certain discount for future orders.

You can ask our current customers to verify it and let this eco-circle keep spinning. More importantly, we want to make you happy and worry-free to work with us.

#4. Willingness To Start From Small

Customers are trying to buy APIs or intermediates less than our standard MOQ.

Here nothing from our customers is small.

We are willing to repack and cooperate to get the business going.

There is more than one customer who has asked us to ship small quantities of dangerous goods.

For many chemical suppliers, it will be too complicated and troublesome to ship dangerous goods in small quantities.

But in octagonchem, there is nothing small about your demand.

We will do it if it can be done.