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Amphotericin B 1397-89-3 Chemical Structure

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What is amphotericin b?

Cas Number: 1397-89-3

Molecular Formula: C47H73NO17

Molecular Weight: 924.1 g/mol

HS Code: 2941909000

It is a yellow to orange powder used as an antibiotic. It is insoluble in water but easily soluble in lipids. It is one of our competitive pharmaceutical ingredients with China GMP. It is a polyene antifungal antibiotic produced by Streptomyces nodosus.

It can bind to ergosterol to depolarize the membrane and alter cell membrane permeability. Important intracellular components will leak from cell to cause bacterial cell death. 

As a broad-spectrum an antifungal agent, it has activity against many fungal species. Common side effects include mild to moderate serum aminotransferase elevations and hyperbilirubinemia, but very rare to see acute drug induced liver injury caused by it.

Amphotericin b side effects

Its common side effects include fevers, chills, headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Intravenous medication can cause thrombophlebitis, and intrathecal injection can cause back and lower limb pain. It is toxic to kidney and can cause proteinuria and tubular urine.

When urea nitrogen is >20mg/dl or creatinine >3mg/dl, stop the medication, or lower the dose according to the advice from your doctor. Other reactions may include white blood cell decline, anemia, blood pressure drop or increase, liver damage, diplopia, peripheral neuritis, and rash. During medication, patients may experience accelerated heart rate or ventricular fibrillation. Those symptoms are mostly related to the high concentration, fast injection speed, overdosing, or the patient’s hypokalemia.

There are liposomal injection formulations or lipid complexes available to lower its side effects, which have greatly improved its safety and efficacy.

How do you transport and store Amphotericin b powder?

Amphotericin b is very sensitive to light, make sure it is stored in dark places and protected from the light.

First thing first, there are two GRADES and three TYPES of amphotericin b powder for different dosage forms. shipping temperature and storage conditions are slightly different.

For Oral Grade or conventional type.

For conventional type, we can ship it by room temperature but store it under a temperature of 2~8 Degrees Celsius. please keep it sealed and protected from light and moisture during your storage.

If you want to weigh some during the storage, make sure the sample doesn’t absorb moisture. As we all know that a low-temperature chemical will draw moistures in the air. To avoid it:

1) you can weigh the sample after the whole package is back to room temperature naturally.

2) Weigh it under a moisture-free fume-hood if it is weighed under 2~8 degrees.

This type of powder is suitable to manufacture oral dosages and topical formulations, such as tablets, capsules, creams, emulsions, gels, ear drops, ointments, or some veterinary formulations.

For Injection Grades: (Liposomal type and non-liposomal type)

For the shipping and storage of injection-grade, especially the liposomal grade, you have to take extra precautions. You can not ship it by room temperature like conventional grade, but have to transport it by cold-chain shipping methods.

Estimate how many days it will take to deliver it, add enough ice bags to keep it cool, at the same temperature we store it, 2~8 Degrees Celsius.

Of all those three grades, the liposomal type is the most expensive one and it has the highest potency. We have to refine it by recrystallization at least twice to get it.

How much does amphotericin b powder price?

For oral grade, commerical order quantities, our price is about 8000~10000 USD/kg as cnf by air.

For the cost of injection-grade type, our price is around 15000~22000usd per kilo. We currently have injection-grade powder in stock for sale, contact us now for a quick order.

For smaller order quantities and more accurate costs, please contact us directly.

Due to small demand and rising costs of labor, environmental protection, its price has been on a rise since 2010.

Check its amphotericin b price trends below for your ref.

You can also check its export price before 2016 from China to India as below, you can see the cost is around 7400 USD per Kilo.

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Liposomal Amphotericin B 1397-89-3 With the Highest Quality

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