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#1. GMP/DMF Available:

Our Amphotericin B API manufacturing line is approved by China NMPA and our manufacturing factory is issued with a GMP certificate.

#2. Low MOQ:

Our MOQ for liposomal injection-grade powder starts at 1 KG, but the topical type starts at 100 Grams

We can provide customized packages for your lab research.

#3. Faster Shipping:

If you are taking a standard package, we can ship it out within 2 days and provide you with the tracking by FedEx.

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Amphotericin B API Specifications


Amphotericin B API is a yellow-to-orange powder.

It is insoluble in water but readily soluble in lipids and is often made into liposomal injections.

Amphotericin can bind to ergosterol to depolarize the membrane and alter cell membrane permeability, so important intracellular components will leak from cells to cause bacterial cell death.

99% Amphotericin B API With GMP
Amphotericin B Chemical Structure
Amphotericin B API Appearance
Amphotericin B API Appearance

Product Name: Amphotericin B (Anfotericina B, 两性霉素B)

Appearance: An orange-to-yellow powder

Cas Number: 1397-89-3

Molecular Formula: C47H73NO17

Molecular Weight: 924.1 g/mol

Chemical Name: (1R,3S,5R,6R,9R,11R,15S,16R,17R,18S,19E,21E,23E,25E,27E,29E,31E,33R,35S,36R,37S)-33-[(2R,3S,4S,5S,6R)-4-amino-3,5-dihydroxy-6-methyloxan-2-yl]oxy-1,3,5,6,9,11,17,37-octahydroxy-15,16,18-trimethyl-13-oxo-14,39-dioxabicyclo[33.3.1]nonatriaconta-19,21,23,25,27,29,31-heptaene-36-carboxylic acid

HS Code:  2941909099 (Other antibiotics-其他抗菌素)

Suitability to be shipped by air as common goods: suitable to be shipped by air as common goods.

Grade: Pharma-Grade (Topical/injection/liposomal)

Purity or Assay: 80%~99% (Different grades have different purity)

Standards: Current USP Standards

Certificates available: GMP/DMF

Documents Available: COA/MSDS

Supply Capability: 100KG per year

MOQ: 100G

Price Ideas In 2023: 1800USD~11000USD~20000USD/1KG, all depends on the grade you need. (Contact us directly through WhatsApp or email for more updated prices)

Lead Time: 5~7 days for quantities less than 10KG, 3~4 days for orders less than 1KG.

Stock Status: Over 20KG

Shipping Temperature: Room temperature for topical grade, 2~8 Degrees Celsius for injection grade.

Technical Data for Topical Grade:

Loss on drying: NMT5.0%

Residue on ignition: NMT3.0%

Limit of amphotericin A: NMT15%

Assay: NLT750ug/mg

Microbial limits: Total aerobic counts: NMT100cfu/g, Salmonella: Negative, Escherichia: Negative.

Residual solvents: Ethanol: NMT5000ppm, Acetone: NMT5000ppm

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