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About octagonchem logo


Our Logo is composed of 3 parts, which resembles a lab synthesis process: (C as reactants, octagon shape is the flask, serial letters by octagonchem is the heating mantle)

#1. Letter C: indicating our main business and specialty are Chemicals.

#2. Octagon shape: its 8 sides are translated as 8 directions in Chinese, meaning that we welcome customers from all around the world. We also want to share the charm brought by the Chinese lucky number ‘8’ with all our customers.

#3. Letters of octagonchem: letters of octagonchem forms the bottom of the whole system, meaning we will serve our customers sincerely from the very bottom of our hearts.


Quality. We always regard product quality as our survival principle. If there is no quality assurance, we won’t survive. Quality control has been the cornerstone upon which octagonchem was built.

Expertise. Your requests will be handled by chemical professionals. We try our best to provide superior services to all customers through our product expertise.

Efficiency. We value efficiency as precious as our life. It applies to our efficient quotation, constant communication, quick problem-shooting, etc.


We will try our best to make OCTAGONCHEM your first choice if you want chemical partners in China. We are looking forward to co-op with all esteemed customers. At OCTAGONCHEM, we are committed to providing customer services of the highest level: competitive pricing, and fast delivery. 

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

Our Slogan: Chemicals With Solutions

Not only do we supply chemicals, but we also strive to provide you with solutions!