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Address: Room 528, Building 2, No. 300-2, Changjiang Rd, YEDA, Yantai City, Shandong Province, 264006, China

Tel.: (86) 155-8950-3653

Fax: (86) 0535 6715688

Chemical Inquiry: sales@OctagonChem.Com

APIs For Compounding Inquiry: 1@BuzzChem.Com

Kind Notice: Don't Wire Transfer Till We Confirm Our Bank Details by Whatsapp!!!

In recent years, international scammers are getting more and more rampant.

The most common type is either or both importers’ and exporters’ email accounts got hacked by scammers.

Then scammers would inform importers to make payments to Scammers’ Bank accounts other than real exporters’ accounts, for reasons such as accounting audits or inspections.

Please, all importers, Before Telephone/Fax confirmation from exporters of Beneficiary Account Changing, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT TO A DIFFERENT ACCOUNT!!!

Even importers have received phone calls/faxes from scammers on bank account changes, you don’t make the payment.

Till you make sure it is called or faxed from the Telephone Number you know, call back to a second person in the supplier company to double-check.

Once importers received emails claiming that the beneficiary bank account has changed, either call your suppliers or wait for the suppliers to call you for account revision.

Without Telephone calls or Video Chat on Account Changing, do not make the payment.

If you are new to chemical imports and you do not have anyone you can trust in China, you can contact us for help!

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