What Info Will Be Provided To Chemical Buyers After Your Inquiry?

1. The unit price against a certain quantity

2. Trade terms: Fob China Port, CIF/CNF Destination Port By Air or By Sea or By Courier

3. Lead time: in stock or 2 weeks etc

4. Standards: USP/EP, 98%, 99% etc

5. Availability of the offer: normally 15 working days

6. Payment terms: T/T in advance, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A, etc.

7. Remarks

What Docs Will Be Provided To Buyers Before Order?

Documents Provided To Buyer Before Order upon buyers’ request:

1. COA

2. Identification Spectrums, such as HPLC/H1NMR/IR/GC/LC Mass, etc

3. MSDS (if needed)

4. TSCA (If needed)

5. GMP (If needed)

6. NDA (If needed)

7. Customer referral (If needed)

How Are The Chemicals Packed?

Yes, we have standard packing


Commercial order: we have standard packings of 20kg/drum/carton, and 25kg/drum/carton. Inner packing as double-layer plastic bags

For Trial Orders 1~20kg, your order will be packed in 1kg 5kg 10kg 15kg cartons and properly stuffed and taped to prevent any leakage or breakage.

Less than 1kg: Double-layer plastic Bag as inner packing, Foil-bag as outer packing


Commercial order: 50kg/drum 200kg/drum 20Ton ISO Tank.

1Kg or less: 1kg Fluorinated Bottle, Amber Bottle (100g/50g/10g/1G), Foil-bag as outer packing

Or Customized Packing Required By Customers

How Much Does the Shipping Cost?

Shipping costs, it is different for different shipping options, below is a general cost idea for ref:

1) Courier

about 60 USD for the first 500G(Gross Weight<500G), the cost for the next 500g is about 30usd for FedEx, EMS, TNT, and DHL is slightly higher, but not much, UPS is the most expensive.

For real labels or formal customs declarations over 5000USD value, a certificate of safe transport for chemicals or declaration fees will be charged by certain authorities or courier companies, ranging from 60~100 USD.

2) By Air

The general cost is 30~50 USD/kg for quantities over 25kg, the price depends on the destination country, the bigger the quantity, the less the shipping cost per KG.

Also, there will be a cost of 80~100usd cost of the certificate of safe transport for chemicals.

There will be a minimum charge for very small quantity shipments for air freight agents, such as 1kg or 500g required to be shipped by importers. The minimum charge is around 180 USD.

3) By Sea

Shipping by FCL and LCL is different, shipping costs for hazardous chemicals with UN packing are more expensive.

The shipping cost by sea is different from shipping companies and destination ports. The cost of LCL to neighboring countries such as Japan, and South Korea is very low, sometimes even 0, with only very small handling fees.

Normally no free FCL, the shipping cost of FCL ranges from 500USD~4000USD, depending on your container size, destination, shipping time, shipping company, etc.

4) In-Land Shipping By Train or Truck or Camel

 🙂: These are not very traditional transport options, charged by weight or dimension, whichever is bigger, the cost ranges from 3 USD to 10 USD per kg or even higher, depending on what types of chemicals you are shipping and your quantity.

Can I Get A Discount and When Is The Best Timing?

1. Yes, we will give a discount depending on the total amount and product type.

Also, there will be a discount for products on sale, you can contact us for details by email at sales@octagonchem.com

2. We encourage regular customers to recommend us to new customers.

Once newly introduced customers place their first order, there will be 50~100USD or even more discount for both according to the order amount.

For new customers, please specify who introduced you.

3. As for the timing for a good discount, the Discount will normally be bigger around the 20th~27th of each month, to meet quota or to break sales records.

What Is The Free Sample Quantity?

Free sample quantity for testing before commercial orders will depend on the unit price for each product.

If the unit price of one product is very high, for example, one of the peptides: Desmopressin Acetate, the unit price is about 800 USD/G for Non-GMP source and 1500 USD/G GMP source.

It would be unaffordable to provide a 1g free sample to buyers, even the cost of 10mg will be too much for us to bear.

For those products with a unit price that is not too high, such as Paracetamol, Metronidazole, Salicylic Acid, amoxicillin, doxycycline HCl, etc, free samples are available.

We can provide 1~5G for testing and we can discuss details by email.

How To Place Order To OCTAGONCHEM?

Please send PO by email to sales@octagonchem.com, our Sales Team will inform you of the Order Processing Details

What Info Should Be Provided For Issuing Proforma Invoices?

1. Buyer Details For Billing Purpose

 1.1 Company Name

 1.2 Address

 1.3 Phone No.

 1.4 Contact Person Name

2. Consignee Details For Shipping Purposes

 2.1 Company Name

 2.2 Address

 2.3 Phone No.

 2.4 Contact Person Name

 2.5 Business Registration/License No. or Import Tax No. (Customs Clearance for commercial order). 

How Soon Will My Orders Be Shipped Out?

For order quantities of less than 25kg by courier will be shipped out within 3~5 days after your order confirmation when goods are in stock.

For those goods with a specific lead time, goods shall be shipped according to the deadline if not sooner.

For Commercial orders, we will keep buyers informed on shipping status every step of the way for packing details, loading date, shipping date, etc.

What Docs Are Required For Customs Clearance?

Documents Provided To Buyers For Customs Clearance Include But Not Limited To:

1) Original COA

2) Commercial Invoice (legalized if needed)

3) Packing List

4) Certificate of Origin 

5) B/L or AWB or Consignment Bill

6) Packing and labeling photos (if needed)

7) Certificate of Origin.

What Information To Be Showed On The Label ?

1). Product Name

2). Batch Number

3). Mfg. Date

4). Exp. Date

5.) Net Wt.

6.) Gross Wt.

7.) Trade Mark (optional)

8.) Made-In-China

How Will You Ship My Chemicals?

Typically shipped under the 4 shipping methods:

1). By courier (FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, EMS, etc) for quantities no more than 25kg

2). By air for a quantity of 1~200kg

3). By sea for quantity over 200kg.

4). By railway for in-land shipping

What Will Our Buyers Be Covered Against Risks?

Assurance Buyers Can Get After Order Confirmation Includes:

1. Inspection reports before goods are loaded into containers.

2. Compensation for a delayed shipment as agreed before the order.

3. Total refund for goods and testing cost of the 3rd-party analysis, buyer loss compensation due to poor quality.

4. Orders can be transacted through Alibaba if L/C is too complicated.

5. For regular customers with built-up credit, we can give regular customers flexible credit terms.

6. Open to buyers’ suggestions on service improvements.

Which APIs Provided Are Approved By SFDA/FDA?

Yes, we provide APIs approved by SFDA/FDA/TGA and we will send you the certificates for confirmation before the order.

The percentage of our approved APIs is around 60% and the rest are new molecules under registration.

Our approved APIs percentage is going up as new molecules are being approved.

What Info Is Needed For An Inquiry?

Information needed for a product inquiry includes (The more detailed, the better):

1. Product name / chemical name / Cas number

2. Quantity

3. Quality Requirements such as Purity, EP/USP/ Sterile, Oral, Injection Grade, Particle Size, Pharma or Food Grade, etc

4. Email

5. Contact Person Name & Phone Number

6. Company or institution name

Is OCTAGONCHEM A Trader Or Manufacturer?

We stock chemicals and APIs from the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers and we also have labs for research, custom synthesis, and simple testing (such as melting point, and color reactions).

We are an authorized or Exclusive distributor of famous pharmaceutical manufacturers, our main business is trading and we only do custom synthesis and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing for certain products.

For testings such as HPLC, NMR, and LC-MS, we also outsource from 3rd-party testing facilities.

If you need testing spectra, you can contact us directly.

What Are The Strong Products Of OCTAGONCHEM?

OctagonChem’s strong products include:

1. APIs such as Acarbose, Bacitracin, Bacitracin Zinc, Polymyxin B Sulphate, Mometasone Furoate, Cyclosporin A, Spironolactone, Tacrolimus.

2. Cosmetic Ingredients such as Glutathione Reduced (GSH), Coenzyme Q10, Minoxidil, Eflornithine HCl, Alpha-Arbutin, resveratrol, and oxidized glutathione.

3. Nutritional supplements such as Melatonin, Calcium 2-Oxoglutarate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K1, Vitamin K2, and Vitamin B12.

4. New Active Molecules such as Emeramide, Tofacitinib Citrate, ABT-263, AZD1152.

5. Pharmaceutical intermediates such as 1620-98-0

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