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How To Get Your Prices As Soon As Possible?

To avoid a constant exchange of emails, it is better if you can list the details for a quote.

#1. Name with Cas Number.

You should at least indicate the Product Name along with the Cas Number to avoid more questions from our side.

Say you are interested in Citicoline, but there are two types of Citicoline, the free base and Sodium Salt.

If you add the relevant Cas Number, we would know for sure which one you need.

#2. Order Quantities

You should give an exact quantity: grams, kilos, or tons.

Many customers like to ask for the prices of MOQ.

For us who are willing to do repacking for all types of customers, there is no such thing as MOQ in a strict sense.

Even the GMP manufacturers that we are working with now agree to do repacking.

Or you can just ask for the prices for one standard pack.

#3. Grade Types and Docs Needed for Registration.

There are many grade types for one chemical.

Take the APIs for example: If you need a certain quantity for lab research, chemical grade APIs without GMP approval should be fine.

If you need it to manufacture human medicines, GMP-grade should be a minimum requirement.

Speaking of GMP, in case you need GMP and DMF for registration, it is better you say it in front.

Although many manufacturers have GMP, they don’t necessarily have DMF.