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Why You Should Import APIs From Us In China?

APIs are our main products along with cosmetic raw materials.

Suppose you are also looking for reliable suppliers for bulk antibiotics and other active pharmaceutical ingredients certified by SFDA. In that case, we have ImipenemSpironolactoneCyclosporineVancomycin HClTacrolimus, and Amphotericin B in stock for sale.

You have come to the right place!

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APIs With The Best Offers In China!

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USDMF: Available

Standards: USP/EP

Sample for quality approval: Available

Packing: 10kg/Drum

GMP & FDA: Available

Standards: USP/EP

Sample for quality approval: Available

Standard Packing: 2kg/tin

USDMF: Available

Standards: USP

Sample for quality approval: Available

Packing: 1kg/tin, 1bou/tin

USDMF: Available

Standards: USP

Sample for quality approval: Available

Standard Packing: 1kg/tin

What You Should Ask Your API Suppliers Before Order?

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Before you plan to buy APIs, you have to know several things before you make the payment:

1. What Will You Do With The Imported APIs?

#1. If you are a medicine manufacturer and you buy active ingredients for medicine production, GMP and DMF will be needed for any MOH registration.

Ask your pharmaceutical suppliers if they have those.

Also, check if their APIs have been exported to and registered in other countries.

#2. If you are a researcher or a scholar who needs to buy APIs and new molecules for lab research, then GMP is not needed for your import.

But if the supplier has GMP, it is even better.

In most cases, GMP is not available for those new molecules, that’s because GMP approval takes years to process and it costs tons of money.

Normally API prices with GMP are double or triple that without GMP, or even as high as 10 times.

#3. If you are a pharmacy owner and you need those APIs for your pharmacy compounding, what types of API sources you should choose?

Well let’s put it this way: if you are compounding formulations for humans, you should choose GMP APIs or APIs from your MOH-registered suppliers, then you should have no issues with your customs clearance.

If you are running a veterinary clinic and you are compounding for pets or animals, GMP is preferred but not mandatory.

Just make sure of the purity and quality before you buy.

2. What Are The Customs Regulations On Those APIs?

You better be familiar with your Customs regulations before you import, such as what the import duties and taxes are like, and what import permits are required to release the goods from the Customs.

If you are not quite sure about all these, please consult your import brokers with a detailed HS Code.

There are cases where some customers have imported restricted products unknowingly and get themselves into serious trouble, such as lawsuits, and punishment by heavy fines.

It is better to avoid such unnecessary troubles with the work done before you start.

3. Do You Have the Right API Suppliers For Your Needs?

There are tons of chemical and pharmaceutical suppliers selling all types of chemicals, all you need is the right supplier.

By the word RIGHT, I mean your perfect match.

I will give you an example to explain: if you are a heavy buyer and your yearly demand is in tens of millions of US Dollars for one single ingredient, your perfect match would be the Number 1 Manufacturer.

If you are an extensive importer of all types of APIs and chemicals, your right supplier should be a trader who can handle all your purchases from many factories one by one.

But all in all, your supplier has to be reliable, highly responsive, and very responsible.

Only in this way, there will not be any quality issues after the deal.

Even if there is a quality dispute, your exporter will help you to solve it properly.

Either by refund, after you ship goods back, or arrange another shipment for free, or offer you a discount to settle it.

In case you don’t know how to find reliable chemical suppliers in China, please help to read one of our blogs on it.

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