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What is Vitamin D2?

vitamin d2 structure
VD2 Chemical Structure

Cas number: 50-14-6

Molecular formula: C28H44O

Molecular weight: 396.65 g/mol

HS Code of VD2 powder: 2936290090, it is categorized as other unmixed vitamins and their derivatives.

Chemically known as ergocalciferol, vitamin D2 is a odorless and tasteless white needle-like crystal or white crystalline powder.

D2 is extremely soluble in trichloromethane, soluble in ethanol, acetone or ether, slightly soluble in vegetable oil, but insoluble in water.

VD2 is easily deteriorated by light or air so you have to protect the pure powder from sunlight and store it in vacuum.

It has a specific optical rotation between +102.5° and +107.5°, which can be used for one of its identifications along with HPLC and IR.

Vit D2 is a ring-opening steroid formed by the chemical bond breakage of steroids in response to photochemistry, and can be produced particularly by the reaction of ultraviolet light and ergocalciferol.

Preparations of ergocalciferol in early days are also known as Viosterol.

According to the US diagnostic guidelines of 2011, ergocalciferol may be used as a dietary supplement for vitamin D.

Ergocalciferol is as effective as cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), which is produced by the skin in response to ultraviolet light exposure,and Ergocalciferol is available under various trade names.

D2’s metabolism and activation are first through the liver and secondly in the kidney.

Vit D2 is mainly absorbed by the small intestine and its absorption requires bile salts to be bound with special alpha-globulins, then to be transported to other parts of the body and stored in the liver and fat.

What is Vitamin D2 Used For?

The world consumption of vitamin D2 is 1800 tons/year, of which 70%-80% is used as a feed additive.

The rest of the 20%~30% is used as food additives and pharmaceutical ingredients.

#1. Calcium Supplement

Most of the children are deficient in calcium, so the incidence of rickets is high, while the incidence of osteoporosis in the elderly of developing countries is about two times higher than that in developed countries. Therefore, the daily demand for vitamin D2 for children and the elderly poeple amounts to tens of tons per year.

#2. Medical Purposes

2.1. For the prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency.

For example: absolute vegetarians, patients with parenteral nutrition, pancreatic insufficiency with malabsorption syndrome, hepatobiliary diseases (hepatic impairment, cirrhosis, obstructive jaundice), small intestine diseases (lipid diarrhea, restrictive enteritis, long-term diarrhea), gastric resection, etc.

2.2. For the treatment of chronic hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, rickets and osteomalacia with chronic renal insufficiency, familial hypophosphatemia and hypoparathyroidism (postoperative, idiopathic or pseudohypoparathyroidism).

2.3. For the treatment of acute, chronic and potentially post-surgical hand and foot twitching and idiopathic hand and foot twitching.

How Much Vitamin D2 Cost?

Prices for VD2 of different grade are quite different.

As we mentioned earlier, there are mainly 3 types of Vitamin D2, pharm-grade, food-grade and feed-grade.

Here we only discuss the prices for pharmaceutical grade VD2 approved with China GMP.

For commerical order quantities such as 50kilo, our price is around 7000~7500USD/kg.

For several kilos our offer is about 8000~8500usd/kg.

We can also accept trial orders of 100Gams, 500grams. Contact us directly for the latest prices.

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