How To Import Quetiapine Fumarate API From China?

chemical structure of quetiapine fumarate powder 99%
Quetiapine Fumarate Chemical Structure

How To Find Quetiapine Fumarate Supplier In China?

Quetiapine fumarate API is the active ingredient in Seroquel.

It is commonly used for depression and bipolar disorders.

If you need to import quetiapine fumarate API from China, the first thing will be finding yourself a supplier.

To make your supply chain stable, a seasoned purchasing manager would always have spare suppliers for any raw material to be outsourced, just in case your main supplier doesn’t have enough stock.

So how do you find your suppliers first?

There are many API suppliers on B2B platforms, search engines, Yellow Pages, industrial exhibition websites, FDA website data, etc.

We also wrote a post on how to find reliable chemical suppliers in China, in case you don’t know how.

Now you have several suppliers in your hand, the next step will be which one to choose.

How To Choose Your Quetiapine Fumarate Supplier In China?

There are plenty of Quetiapine Fumarate Manufacturers in China, the key is how to choose the most suitable one for you.

The key to your perfect supplier will be the one having top quality along with reasonable prices.

Firstly: GMP-Approved Manufacturers with HIGH QUALITY

If you are a medicine manufacturer, your API supplier at least should have a GMP certificate from Chinese NMPA.

On that basis, they should also have GMP certificates issued from other official authorities such as USFDA, EU, 

That means the raw material you are importing is not only produced strictly according to cGMP guidelines, but it also has the approval of CEP/COS/USFDA/WC, so this material is suitable for producing finished dosages, either it is for compounding pharmacies or pharmaceutical dosage manufacturers.

Certificates will be the proof of high quality, right?

Not 100% correct, though.

You need to check its quality by those 3 testing items.

1.1)  Content control of impurities:

As we all know, the higher the purity of an ingredient, the better, and it is true to some degree.

But only the professionals know that the thing that matters is the control of impurities.

In many cases, the content of impurity is more important than the actual purity value, as it reflects a certain optimization degree of your manufacturing process.

USP has requirements of less than 0.15% for known impurities, and below 0.1% for unknown single impurities, this is tough right?

If you check our testing results on those impurities by the Certificate of analysis below, you will find impurity control from OCTAGONCHEM is extremely high.

COA Of Quetiapine Fumarate from OCTAGONCHEM

Known impurities are not more than 0.01%, and unknown impurities are 0.008% with total impurities of 0.05%.

Now you see what our so-called high quality means.

1.2) Low residual solvent content:

Normally there are four solvents used in the synthesis and purification of quetiapine: methanol, ethanol, toluene, and N, N-Diethylaniline.

Our testing results show that there are no methanol and N, N-Diethylaniline left in our quetiapine, and the content of ethanol and Toluene is 0.07% and 0.006%.

Low contents of residual solvents are also the reflections of the optimization of our synthesis process, which is what we are proud of.

1.3) Testing results of residue on ignition/loss on drying

The value of Loss on Drying reflects the content of volatile matter such as water and solvents.

Our testing results of Loss on Drying is only 0.09%, way below the USP requirements of 0.5%.

As for the Residue of Ignition, it is the indicator of the content of inorganic matter with the API, the smaller, the better.

If the value is small, it means there is a low content of inorganic matter.

Our testing results for Residue of Ignition is 0.03%, also way lower than The USP requirements of NMT0.1%.

From all those 3 points above you can see that the quality of our quetiapine fumarate is extremely high.

If you are still not sure, request a sample to test for yourself on the quality.

Secondly: Quality Goods With Competitive Prices

Though we put a lot of effort into quality control, we manage to support our customers with competitive prices through our commercial productions to lower our total costs.

Though the price from OCTAGONCHEM is reasonable, the qualities ARE NEVER COMPROMISED.

2.1) How Much Does Quetiapine Fumarate API Cost In 2023? 

If you are looking for pure Quetiapine powder approved by China GMP to do compounding or manufacture medicines, please check our offer below:

For 50kilo, our FOB Shanghai/Beijing price is around 250USD per kilo.

For 100kilo, our FOB cost is about 220USD/kg.

If your order quantity is over Tons, let’s schedule a meeting and discuss it in details.

For small business owners such as compounding pharmacies, our price for kilos is about 400~450usd per kilo including shipping cost by courier.

If you only need small quantities for scientific research, please contact us directly for a free quote.

Now you have the general price ideas for quetiapine API, then you know which supplier is competitive and which is not.

Our advice will be to place trial orders to 2~3 potential suppliers with the best offers to test the quality first.

After you have your testing results, you have the clear idea on which supplier to choose.

Now you have your suppliers, the final step will be ship the goods to you.

How To Ship Quetiapine Fumarate Powder From China?

shipping chemicals by air

For the shipping options for bulk powder, you can choose whichever shipping method you like.

Quetiapine is a safe chemical to be shipped by air or sea, whatever your quantity is, you won’t have any issues with the shipping.

First things first, it is proven to be a common/common chemical, not a dangerous one, so no hazardous packing is required.

If you need to know the general ideas of our shipping cost by couriers, it is something like below:

Shipping cost for starting 500G to North America/Europe: 50~60 USD.

If you are ordering kilos, the shipping fee is around 40~50 USD/kilo.

Shipping costs to Africa are the highest among all our export countries. In case you have any issues with the import, please contact us directly for the updated prices of everything.

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