Where And How To Find Chemical Suppliers In China?

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If you are looking for chemical suppliers and chemical manufacturers in China, please check all those methods you can use.

If you are not sure about their reliability, tell us about it and we can help you to run background-checks for Chemical suppliers in China!

Now read on.

1. You Can Always Find Chemical Suppliers On Google

Google is the world’s most powerful search engine, there are tons of info shown in it every day if you search for a keyword.

If you are looking for a new product from a new supplier, it is very important to run a background check.

We may have to post a new topic later: How to Run Background Checks on Chemical Suppliers.

2. Search For Chemical Suppliers On Alibaba

Updated on Aug-17th, 2021: Alibaba is closing accounts for all the pharmaceutical suppliers on alibaba.com, please note!

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As we all know, Alibaba is a comprehensive B2B platform, second to none I suppose.

Chemical suppliers on Alibaba are mainly trading companies, but there are also big manufacturers on it, such as Jiudian Pharma, which has been there for over 5 years.

As for suppliers’ reliability, most of them are reliable, and Alibaba is doing a good job to keep those companies on leash.

2.1. Once a complaint is filed against the suppliers and the case is pretty severe, Alibaba can even close the suppliers’ e-shop and 5000 USD yearly fee will be in vain.

Alibaba will run a basic background check on suppliers before suppliers are allowed to start e-commerce on their platform.

2.2. There are buyers’ reviews on each transaction they made, good or bad, you can see for yourself.

We can not say 100% of the good or 5-star remarks of reviews are trustworthy but come on, it at least says something.

Chemical importers know how difficult each customs clearance for chemicals is and it is not easy to fake an international transaction of chemicals.

2.3. You can check membership years for each supplier, the longer, the more trustworthy they should be.

But, there is always a but.

But an over-10-year Alibaba supplier doesn’t necessarily mean they provide superior service, they were just there a little bit earlier.

2.4. You can check Transaction Values and Numbers for each supplier, those data also say something about their reliability.

Sorry, we almost forgot Made-in-China.com, you can also try MIC, but MIC’s specialties are not in chemicals, mainly on machinery or other stuff.

3. Attend CPHI China and API China for more chemical vendors


The exhibitors of API China are relatively more reliable than CPHI.

Especially API China, the fair itself is for the Chinese domestic market, mainly direct chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturers are exhibiting in API China, only very few of the exhibitors are traders.

Those traders even have better prices because of their strategic relations with big manufacturers.

They will buy out all the goods in stock from the factory before prices go up when they get the information that prices may go up.

Why do we say API China exhibitors are relatively preferable?

Check the reasons below:

3.1. Exhibitors are mainly direct manufacturers, who have relatively better control over the lead time, quality, etc.

As a result, the exhibitors are much fewer than CPHI China.

Exhibitor Number of CPHI China can be 10 times that of API China if you want to deal with more reliable chemical manufacturers and factories, come to API China, and the chance of a bad choice is comparatively lower than CPHI :).

3.2. API China mainly targets Chinese trading companies and manufacturers.

Purchasing managers may discuss prices and quality for certain products from stall to stall with exhibitors.

They sit down together, talk and maintain relations.

To be frank, the chemical and API circle is very small and you get to know every factory for not very long.

If one of the chemical suppliers is cheating, soon everybody will know, so all API China suppliers will try their best to maintain their good reputation.

CPHI China home page

For CPHI China, you can always find big manufacturers in W1, W2, E1, and E2 Hall, as well as in other Halls with radiant decorations.

But you will find more trading companies.

Technically over 90% of the exhibitors on CPHI are trustworthy.

I can not guarantee you 100%, as there must be some importers who had bad experiences with certain suppliers exhibiting there, just can’t exclude them all.

So If importers want reliable active pharmaceutical ingredients suppliers, come to China, and visit more manufacturing facilities, then they will have more reliable suppliers in their hands to choose from.

4. You can find reliable chemical suppliers on chemical B2B sites

This website lists many big and well-known chemical & API suppliers, most of which are trustworthy.

You can search for products by chemical names or Cas Number and screen search results by supplier type, country, and documentation on the left sidebar to choose your right supplier.

We also see many reliable chemical and pharmaceutical suppliers in China advertising on this website.

4.2 pharmacompass.com

pharmacompass website screenshot

From this site, you can see suppliers’ registration status, such as FDA/CEP USDMF/EDMF, etc.

Take Bacitracin for an example, we type BACITRACIN and click search, you can see a page as below, Number of API suppliers, USDMF, CEP/COS, etc.

Find details by yourself. Generally speaking, Chinese suppliers are more competitive.

4.3 chemnet.com


Chemnet.com is part of www.toocle.com, of course, you can also search on Toocle.com.

The key to using chemnet.com.cn is in Chinese, you can search by Cas no, and the product name (in Chinese), and then the supplier name will pop out.

Mainly suppliers of chemnet.com.cn are factories, more intermediate suppliers than API ones.

Around 2010 or earlier, Chemnet was doing great, but through all those years, their paid members were lost little by little, as there are cheaper or even free chemical B2B sites.

Plus, Chemnet has not been providing any attractive services to keep paid members stay.

Their business scope includes chemical advertising, building websites, web hosts domain name services, etc.

But still, there are plenty of factories that are relying on the advertising on Chemnet for many new chemical buyers.

4.4 chemicalbook.com

chemicalbook website screenshot

chemicalbook.com is a rising star for a chemical B2B portal.

Their main paid customers are reagent companies, small labs, and traders, so you know the order quantity is comparatively small. Chemicals are often sold in mg, g, 10g, etc.

You can check the front page of the ChemicalBook and you will see all their sponsored members are reagent companies. But their daily traffic is around 110tho.

4.5 Lookchem.com


Lookchem.com, hmm, I don’t know how to say it, but we are not a fan of their yearly fee, which is about the same as that of Alibaba, around 5000 USD per year.

Paid members mainly are trading companies, 3/4 approximately.

Importers and buyers can verify for themselves.

Please note, that their daily traffic is only 15tho, only 1/10 of that of chemicalbook.com.

5. Search Pharmaceutical Manufacturers on FDA Websites

Here below we will only list 3 symbolic sites:

1. Chinese FDA website;

2. US FDA website;

3. EDQM website.

You can always check similar websites such as the websites of the Indian FDA, Australian TGA, Japanese FDA, etc.

So you can find the registered and approved API suppliers in related countries.

5.1. www.nmpa.gov.cn


The screenshot of the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration Website Search Interface.

On this site, you must know Chinese characters to recognize supplier names and tell which is which. You can put keywords either in Chinese or in English.

The suppliers you get from this website are 99% reliable. You may ask who the 1% is. Hmm, there are just manufacturers with bad reputations.

Please note, that all suppliers you get on the CFDA website are manufacturers, no traders.

5.2. www.fda.gov​

We think all API importers should know the well-known US FDA, It is famous for its strict supervision of FDA Applicants.

If you find FDA-approved Chinese applicants on fda.gov, they are reliable, ok?

The photo above is a screenshot of the FDA website search interface.

You can search by Active Pharmaceutical ingredient, company name, NDC Number, etc. Happy hunting!

The photo below is the FDA certificate verification interface.

If you are not sure of the FDA certificate authenticity of your supplier, you can verify it by the link of the photo.

5.3. www.edqm.eu

Above is the supplier search interface of the EDQM website.

Click on the photo link you will be redirected to the EDQM website to search suppliers for certain products.

If you find Chinese suppliers from edqm.EU, they are reliable, ok?

Europe’s supervision of pharmaceutical manufacturers is as strict as the US FDA.

If you have difficulties finding Chinese active pharmaceutical ingredients suppliers approved in EDQM, please click on the photo or edqm search interface.

6. Referrals From Your Current Suppliers

Last but not least, this is also an important way for you to find new reliable suppliers in China.

Generally speaking, current Chinese suppliers know the chemical industry better than foreign importers and they can provide insightful ideas to verify the reliability of your new suppliers.

So buyers and importers, be kind to your current suppliers that already win your trust, they are your hidden wealth.

Sometimes they can arrange an attorney and file a lawsuit against your case of being cheated by Chinese suppliers in China.

Of course, there are other ways for you to find reliable suppliers, such as visiting your potential suppliers, auditing the factory, having a sit-down conversation, etc.

If readers have different or better ideas, welcome to leave a comment, and let’s discuss them together.

In our opinion, as the Chinese economy grows and internet popularization, there will be less and less room for cheaters in business.

What we did is to keep buyer’s and importer’s businesses as safe as possible.

And we welcome you all to expose cheaters to us we can list all cheaters on our website.

Anyway, in case you have difficulties finding reliable chemical suppliers in China or alternative chemical manufacturers, you are always welcome to contact us.

If you have different ideas on how to find good chemical suppliers, leave a comment below.

You are also welcome to share your different opinions so buying chemicals from China gets easier.


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