Customer Stories on Spironolactone and Cholestyramine

Spironolactone Chemical structure
Spironolactone API Chemical Structure
cholestyramine resin cas 11041-12-6 chemical structure
Choletyramine Resin Chemical Structure

Hey guys, we are finally back to work, and today is Feb. 23rd, 2024, so it is a break of about three weeks since our last working day.

Though it has been almost a month since our last shipment to our customers, we still can’t help but share our Customers’ stories.

Story 1: Ship 6 samples from YanTai to Lagos, 1 kg each.

The first story is about the order from our new Customer Mr. Josephs from Nigeria.

We don’t have many Customers from the land of Africa because our main market is in Europe and North America, which is the main reason for the price issues.

Due to our high quality and superior after-sale services, our prices are not very attractive in African and Middle-East countries.

We received the inquiry from Mr. Josephs on Oct. 9th, 2023, and we indicated our offer for those we supply and in stock right after.

Then there was no news till about three weeks before our holiday, on Jan. 11th, 2024.

Email inquiry on Spironolactone API from Mr. Josephs
Product Lists From Mr. Josephs on his inquiry to us

By that time, we were about to wrap up the work of the past year and get ready for our New Year holiday.

He was going to order 6~7 products altogether from us, and the shipping cost from Yantai to Lagos is more expensive than what we expected, about 50~60 USD per KG.

If you are a regular importer of chemicals, you will know that some of the acids from the list above only cost 50 USD such as Kojic acid, salicylic acid, and hydroquinone.

Anyway, after rounds of negotiation on the total prices, we finally worked out the prices and he asked for a Proforma Invoice for his payment arrangement.

Finally, he decided to place a trial order for 1Kg spironolactone, 1Kg D-Mandelic acid, 1Kg Alpha-arbutin, 1Kg Salicylic acid, 1Kg Kojic acid, and 1kg Hydroquinone.

Our Proforma Invoice to Mr. Josephs for this order of spironolactone
Our Proforma Invoice for Spironolactone

It took about 4~5 days for his international wire transfer to arrive, then we began to arrange the repacking and final shipping to Nigeria by FedEx.

There was another incident during our repacking.

It turned out that Hydroquinone was tested and regarded as a 6.1 type of dangerous chemical in 2024 and FedEx is not shipping dangerous chemicals and we all know that.

So we either refund the value of hydroquinone or exchange it for another product.

Refunding a small amount of USD to foreign countries is not easy, and he decided to go for another kilo of Kojic acid instead, so the problem was solved.

So the rest was to how to ship the 6KG out before our holiday.

In China to ship chemicals by FedEx, the certificate of safe air transportation from DGM or SICIT, etc, and to get 5 copies of DGM certificates is not an easy job.

Due to the value differences between these 5 samples, we have decided to ship them separately, 3 expensive ones in one shipment through formal customs declarations, and 2 cheap ones in another shipment as a sample.

It turned out that it was on the last working day before our holiday that we finally got all the docs needed for the shipping, and completed the mission impossible in the end.

Below are the photos we took to memorize this impressive order.

Spironolactone API Packing and labeling
1kg Spironolactone Packing and Labeling
Alpha-arbutin 1kg packing and labeling
1kg Alpha-Arbutin Packing and Labeling
D-Mandelic acid packing and labeling
D-Mandelic acid packing and labeling
Packing photo of 1kg spironolactone+1kg alpha-arbutin+1kg D-Mandelic acid
Spironolactone+Alfa-arbutin+Mandelic acid
Kojic acid 1kg packing and labeling
1kg Kojic acid Packing and labeling
Salicylic Acid 1kg packing and labeling
1Kg Salicylic acid packing and labeling
2KG Kojic acid and 1KG Salicylic acid in the carton
Kojic acid + Salicylic acid
Shipping labels for 2KG Kojic acid and 1kg Salicylic acid
Kojic acid+Salicylic acid in one Carton

Story 2: Ship 100 KG pharma-grade Cholestyramine resin to our Customer in North America.

This order is from one of our regular customers and friends.

We received his inquiry about 50KG Cholestyramine Resin API on Jan. 16th, 2024, and indicated our offer the next day.

As always, our competitors offered better offers.

Customer's comment on our cholestyramine price offer
Inquiry on Cholestyramine API from our Customer

And we thought that was it, our price was too high, and we couldn’t beat the offer that he had in his hand.

We thought there was no chance that we might land his order this time till he mentioned that the lead time from our competitor is 3 weeks, but we had the 100kg Cholestyramine in stock at that time:).

After rounds of price negotiation, we finally reached an agreement on the prices on the basis that he would double the order quantity to 100KG.

Also the end customer needed the material very urgently that we must ship the goods as soon as possible.

Let’s check out our time line here: we would be off on holiday since Jan. 31st, 2024, the moment he confirmed his order was on Jan. 24th, 2024, and he needed it so urgently that he asked if we could switch from FedEx Economy to FedEx Priority.

Customer's request of FedEx Priority instead of FedEx Economy
Customer's request of FedEx Priority Shiping Route for Cholestyramine API

The thing was, by the time he confirmed his order, we only had 4~5 days left to ship 100 kg out, even the application of the DGM certificate would take 4~5 days to be released to us, not to mention that we would need the original copy for the shipping and Customs Declaration, and remember, there were two days in between as the weekend.

How did we do it?

We arranged the DGM certificate in advance before we got the PO, that was the key, or we wouldn’t be able to make it before our holiday.

We arranged the pick-up on Jan. 29th, 2024, which was also the soonest date we expected to receive the DGM original copy.

Because we chose the urgent-testing type from DGM, and we received the copy on Jan. 26th, 2024, this way, we managed to ship the goods out 3 days earlier than we planned, which our customer was more than pleased.

Customer's compliment on our service
Our Customer's reply on Cholestyramine Customs Clearance

When the package was cleared and released from the Customs of the destination country, we were already in our home town for our Spring Holiday.

We were blessed that we could cater to the needs of our customers, and let’s end this story with the packing and labeling details.

25kg Cholestyramine Packing and Labeling
25kg Cholestyrmaine Resin Packing and Labeling
100kg Cholestyramine Packing and Labeling
Packing and Labeling of 100kg Cholestyramine API

If you are looking for cholestyramine resin API suppliers in China, please contact us directly or comment below, and our sales team will take it over.

If you like this story and think it may help someone, please share it with someone who might import chemicals from China

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