How Much Does Tiopronin API Cost and What Is The Shipping Cost?

Tiopronin Chemical Structure

What Is The Price Of Tiopronin API?

Tiopronin API is one of our strong products to export along with D-penicillamine.

As the active ingredient in Thiola, tiopronin is an acylated sulfhydryl-containing glycine derivative with reducing and complexing properties.

It is used for the prevention of kidney stones.

In case you are looking for 99% type pure tiopronin powder approved by China GMP to do compounding or manufacture medicines, please check its prices below:

Our total cost for 1 KG shipped by FedEx is about 1680 USD to the USA and EU.

Contact us for more accurate offers if you are not from those two areas.

For orders of 10~25 KG, our price is about 900 USD/KG

For quantities of 50 KG to 100 KG, our FOB Shanghai/Beijing price is around 820 USD per kilo.

For quantities over 100 KG, our FOB cost is about 800 USD/kg.

For small business owners such as compounding pharmacies, our price for several kilos is about 900usd per kilo including shipping cost by courier.

If you only need small quantities for scientific research, please get in touch with us directly for a free quote.

In addition, we have sales promotions every month, contact us directly for details when you are ready to order.

How To Ship Tiopronin API and What Is The Cost?

For the shipping options for bulk powder, you may want to limit it to shipping by air only.

First things first, it is proven to be a common/common chemical, not a dangerous one, so no hazardous packing is required.

As we mentioned above, tiopronin goes bad easily when it is exposed to high temperatures or sunlight, it is better to make the shipping period as short as possible, especially when it is summertime.

For wintertime, it is stable to ship it in plain drums without adding cooling agents.

You may also consider using freezers when your order quantity is way too big for shipping by air due to the high shipping cost.

If you need to know the general ideas of our shipping cost by couriers, it is something like below:

Shipping cost for starting 500G to North America/Europe: 50~60 USD.

If you are ordering kilos, the shipping fee is around 40~50 USD/kilo.

Shipping costs to Africa are the highest among all our export countries, please help to contact us directly for the updated prices of everything.

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