How to verify GMP CEP ISO FDA Certificates Online?

Nowadays it is very important to verify certificates provided by chemical suppliers, without verifying them before import can be, sometimes, disastrous. we will share a story in another blog of this disaster. Though most of the suppliers are honest and presenting real certificates, it is better for chemical importers to verify them to be safe, no?

1. How To Verify Chinese GMP Certificate:

Verifying Link No.1 (Search API In English Or Chinese):


Both links are ok, second link provides more info than first link.

Let’s search one API ‘bacitracin’ from NCPC Huasheng, We enter ‘bacitracin’ into the searching box and click Enter you will see interface below:

cfda website screenshot

There you can compare the Manufacturer Name and API on SFDA website with the name of the GMP certificate on your hand. Please note, all Invalid and cancelled GMP won’t be shown here.

Verifying Link No.2: Center for Drug Evaluation (Search API In Chinese Only): this is web for APIs/Finished formulations under Evaluation, not fully certified yet. (2019.10.30 still blocked)

If you can not find corresponding GMP in SFDA website, try verifying Link No 2, please note: Keywords can only be searched in Chinese.


We also search the Chinese Name of Bacitracin (杆菌肽), You will see the below interface:

drug evaluation website bacitracin search results screenshot

2. How To Verify EU GMP Certificate:

Verifying Link:

Interface of the link above is as below:

EDQM website Search interface

Let’s search Bacitracin and click Enter, the interface is as below:

EDQM Search Bacitracin Result Interface Screenshot

As you can see, there are only 2 European GMP Manufacturers enlisted in EDQM system: Xellia pharmaceutical and Krka d. d. We tried to search bacitracin zinc, it turned out to be no results shown as below, but we clearly saw from above that Xellia has EU GMP for Bacitracin Zinc.

no result for seaching bacitracin zinc on edqm website

3. How To Verify ISO Certificate

Verifying Link:

ISO verification interface is as below:

Iso certificate verification interface screenshot

Please note: 1. Chinese Only 2. Keyword  is No Less Than 5 Chinese Characters 3. You can either seach Iso No or Applicant Name.

We entered 华北制药华胜 (NCPC Huasheng)into search box and clicked Enter, interface as below: (there is captcha)

ISO Certificate verification interface

Click 确认 , you will see the interface below:


Click on the company name, you will see similar captcha as below:


After captcha, you see the interface below, green buttons means ISO Valid, grey buttons means Invalid or expired.

iso validity details on iso webiste

Of course, NCPC Huashen also has ISO Expired, we can drag the page down, you will find their ISO certificates expired shown as below:

ISO expired for ncpc huasheng

So now you should know how to verify an ISO certificate from an supplier, the key is to learn to type Chinese. You have any difficulties in verifying, we will help you for free.

4. How To Verify CoPP/CPP/US FDA Certificate:

Verifying Link:
Open the link above you can see the interface below, there are detailed procedures to verify an FDA certificate for different parties, and FDA would require you to register first, it is kind of more complicated than other 3, anyway, if you have any difficulties to verify anything, please contact us, we will do it for you for free. Find us by

FDA certificate verification interface screenshot

In case you have any difficulties to verify any certificate, feel free to contact us any time.

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