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What is Vitamin D3?

vitamin d3 chemical structure

Cas number: 67-97-0

Molecular formula: C27H44O

Molecular weight: 384.64 g/mol

HS Code: 2936290090

Vitamin D3, also known as Cholecalciferol, is a white powder soluble in lipids or fat but insoluble in water.

It can withstand high temperatures and oxidation in neutral and alkaline solutions.

According to one experiment, when its solution is heated at 130 degrees for 90 minutes, its physiological activity remains undamaged, but it gradually decomposes under acidic conditions.

It is the most widely used nutritional supplement for bone growth issues. It is adminstered by mouth as soft gels or gummies. In serious conditions, people will have to take VD3 injections to treat certain diseases.

It works by promoting the absorption and deposition of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine. It is used to treat rickets and osteomalacia.

What Is Vitamin D3 Used For?

vitamin d3 can be used for healthier teeth
VD3 Is Good For Teech
Vitamin D3 can be used for stronger bones
VD3 Is Beneficial For Bone Growth

VD3 has the following physiological functions:

1. Improve absorption of calcium and phosphorus of your body, so that the level of plasma calcium and plasma phosphorus reaches saturation.

2. Promote growth and bone calcification in your body, so you can have healthy teeth.

3. Increase phosphorus absorption through the intestinal wall, and increase phosphorus reabsorption through the renal tubules.

4. Maintain citrate level in your blood.

5. Prevent the loss of amino acids through the kidney.

Many international in-depth studies on vitamin D have showed that vitamin D is no longer a nutritional necessity only used to prevent rickets in children, it is more widely recognized for its health significance confirmed by a large number of clinical trials, including:

1. Reduce the chance of common cancers, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, etc.

2. Prevent autoimmune diseases, hypertension, and infectious diseases.

3. Regulate the development and function of the placenta. Maintaining a good vitamin D level in pregnant women can prevent pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, and premature birth.

4. Sufficient vitamin D in utero and infants can reduce the chance of type 1 diabetes, asthma, and schizophrenia.

In general, the treatment and prevention of vitamin D deficiency are very important for the overall health of all people, especially women and children.

Vitamin D3 vs Vitamin D2

vitamin d2 structure
VD2 Chemical Structure​

Vitamin D2 and D3 are two common vitamin d supplements used in our daily lives. Both VD2 and VD3 have similar effects and mechanisms in the human body, they are turned into similar metabolites to help human bodies to absorb Calcium.

But people may not know their similarities and differences very well, here we give you a list so you can know them better.

#1. Different origin.

Vitamin d2 can only be synthesized in certain plants, while vitamin d3 can be synthesized in healthy human body.

Chemical name for VD3 is Cholecalciferol, VD2 is called Ergocalciferol. For most of the VD3 on the market you see are from animals. Vitamin D3 powder is mainly extracted from lanilin, while Vitamin D2 powder is extracted from plants. Yeasts and mushrooms are substances rich in vitamin D2. Some VD3 on the market is labeled as Vegan type, which is very rare and can be very expensive.

#2. Simiar working mechanism but different efficacy.

Vitamin D2 and D3 have the similar route of metabolism and working mechanism: they both go through liver first to become calcidol, then through kidney to become calcitriol, but researches have shown that vitamin d3 is much more effective than vitmamin d2.

Biochemical indicators of researches show that it is easier for vitamin D2 to be excreted than vitamin D3, which means the utilization rate of vitamin d2 is lower. Other research results show that whether vitamin d is taken orally or through intramuscular injection, vitamin D3 will increase serum calcifediol levels by about twice that of vitamin D2. That is to say, the effect of vitamin D3 was about twice that of vitamin D2.

In 2006, Houghton and Vieth pointed out that D2 should not be regarded as equivalent to D3, because the two have different ability to increase serum 25(OH)D. They believed that the amount of D2 metabolites in plasma combined with vitamin D binding protein (DBP) was less than D3, and D2 had characteristics of non-physiological metabolism and shorter half-life.

In 2011, Heaney randomly supplemented 33 healthy adults with D2 or D3 50,000 IU/week for 12 weeks. The results show that D3 improves and maintains the serum 25(OH)D concentration about 87% higher than D2, and the amount of vitamin D stored in D3 fat is 2-3 times higher than D2. Because of the greater efficacy and lower cost of vitamin D3, vitamin D3 is recommended for vitamin D deficiency treatment.

You can check some of testing graphs below. (copyright of the graphs belong to original authors)

calcidol serum concentration comparison from vitamin d3 and vitamin d2
calcidol from vitamin d3 with vitamin d2 as control
treatment effects comparison between vitamin d3 and vitamin d2

3. Different costs and demands

Due to a smaller demand and limited raw material sources of vitamin d2, and of course its vegan label, the price of vitamin d2 raw material is about twice of the cost of vitamin d3.

For commercial order quantities of pharm-grade vitamin d3 powder of 40,000,000IU/MG type, FOB Shanghai price is around 4900USD Per Kilo, cost of pharm-grade vitamin D2 powder is around 8500USD/KG.

Meanwhile, VD3 and VD2 have different prices for different origins.

Below is a doctor breaking their differences from a doctor’s point of view:

How Much Does Vitamin D3 Powder Cost?

About the costs of Vitamin D3, please note that there are at least three types of VD3 in the market, pharm-grade, food-grade and feed-grade.

Different grades have different prices, which is obvious. But how do you tell the differences between each grade?

Say if I have 3 bags of white powders on the table without any labels of course, are you able to tell which is what?

If you can not, here is the trick: choose the fine crystals with the whitest color, it is the pharm-grade. Food grade and feed grade has white and off-white or even lightly yellow color.

The color difference is caused by the impurity control during the manufacturing process. Pharm-grade has the high quality standards, activity is required to be over 40Million IU/G, market price is around 5000USD per kilo. When we say pharm-grade, it means this API is GMP-certified.

Food-Grade: 1Million IU/G, the price idea is around 60~100USD/kg.

Feed-Grade: 100,000IU/G~500,000IU/G, price is around 15~30USD/kg.

We mainly stock pharm-grade VD3 powder with GMP, please note.

How Do You Ship and Store Vitamin D3 Powder?

As we mentioned as above, VD3 powder is very stable. You can ship it by air or by sea by room temerature. 

Stability testing has showed that it is stable for 3 years under room temperature.

But for long-term storage, it is suggested to be stored at 2~8 degrees celsius.

The tricky part is the shipping though. Vitamin D3 oil is often used an acute mice poison, which means vitamin D3 of oil form is very poisonous. It is also proved that pharm-grade Vd3 powder is also poisonous, and you may want to label and handle it properly. 

While the food-grade and feed-grade vd3 powder is tested to be very safe and non-poisonous. They are suitable for shipping as a common chemical.

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