98% Ipriflavone Powder Factory In China

Why You Should Import Ipriflavone Powder From Us

#1. High purity:

Our standards are 98.5% as min by HPLC

#2. Competitive prices:

Though the demand for ipriflavone is not big, we manage to keep our costs down through commercial productions.

#3. Quality guarantee:

100% refund for any quality issues and pre-shipment samples can be arranged for quality approval.

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What Is Ipriflavone?

ipriflavone structure

Cas number: 35212-22-7

Molecular Weight: 280.3 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C18H16O3

It is one type of isoflavone used for osteoporosis and bone density conservation.

It is a 100% synthetic compound used as a nutritional supplement in many countries.

We can find it in many healthcare products in the market.

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