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Niaprazine 27367-90-4 Introductions

chemical structure of Niaprazine 27367-90-4
Niaprazine Chemical Structure

Niaprazine is a white to off-white powder insoluble in water but freely soluble in DMSO, about 100mg/ml.

It is a selective brain catecholamine depletor, a histamine H1-receptor antagonist.

Niaprazine has antihistamine and antiserotonin activities and can be used for sleep disorders.

Niaprazine Specifications

Product Name: Niaprazine (尼普拉嗪)

Appearance: An off-white solid

Solubility: Soluble in DMSO.

Cas Number: 27367-90-4

Molecular Formula: C20H25FN4O

Molecular Weight: 356.4 g/mol

Chemical Name: N-[4-[4-(4-fluorophenyl)piperazin-1-yl]butan-2-yl]pyridine-3-carboxamide

HS Code: 2933599099 (Other compounds with non-consolidated imidazolium rings on their structure-其他结构上有非稠合咪唑环化合物)

Suitability to be shipped by air as common goods: suitable. It is safe to be shipped by air as common goods.

Grade: Chemical/Pharmaceutical Grade

Purity or Assay: 99%

Standards: Current Enterprise Standards

Certificates available: ISO

Documents Available: COA/MSDS

Supply Capability: 50KG per month

MOQ: 100 Gram

Price Ideas In 2023: 5500~6500 USD/1KG including the shipping cost. (Contact us by WhatsApp for more updated prices)

Lead Time: 3~4 days for quantities less than 1000 Grams, 4~5  days for orders less than 5 KG.

Stock Status: Over 10 KG

Shipping Temperature: Room temperature

Storage: 2~8 °C (Long-Term)

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