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Why You Should Buy 1,5-Naphthyridine From Us?

#1. HPLC and 1HNMR spectra are available:

we can send those spectra for structure confirmation before your order.

#2. The sample is available for your quality approval:

You can get a 0.1G sample for testing if you need it, on the basis that you will cover the international shipping cost.

#3. Small MOQ:

We have a small MOQ of 50G, which is convenient for trial orders.

What Is 254-79-5​?

1,5-Naphthyridine 254-79-5 Chemical Structure

Name: 1,5-Naphthyridine

Chemical Formula: C8H6N2

Molecular Weight: 130.15

Synonyms: 1,5-Diazanaphthalene; 1,5-Pyridopyridine; pyridopyridine; pyridino[3,2-b]pyridine; [1,5]Naphthyridine

1,5-Naphthyridine is a beautiful pink solid and one of our most competitive buliding blocks in stock. Our purity is 98% as minimum and we test it according to Entrprise Standards.

What Is the HS Code Of 1,5-Naphthyridine?

1,5-Naphthyridine  is classified as an organic compound.

It belongs to one class of called other heterocyclic compounds containing only nitrogen heteroatoms.

In Chinese Customs it is imported and exported by HS code 2933990099.

How Much Does 1,5-Naphthyridine 254-79-5 Cost?

The price not only depends on your order quantity but also is subject to raw material price fluctuations.

For order quantity of Kilos, say, 1kg, 5kg, the unit price is around 3000USD/kg.

For order quantity of 100G~500G, the unit price is around 8usd/G

For more accurate prices and lead time, please contact us directly.

Where To Buy 1,5-Naphthyridine Online?

Price from sigma is 129usd/g for 1g

Price from tci chemicals is 101gbp/g for 1g

As we can see above, the unit price from reagent companies is around 100~130usd/g for 1g.

If you want to buy 98% type for research, we can provide free samples of 0.1g for your testing.

Contact us now to try our sample.

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