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Why You should Buy 108575-32-2 From Us?

#1. High Purity:

Our is 97% as min, actual value by HPLC is over 98%, which is sufficient for most synthetic reactions.

#2. Sample For Quality Approval Available:

We have samples in small packing for your testing, contact us for details directly.

#3. Smaller MOQ:

Though our standard Packing is 1kilo, we can do repacking for you with 100g/bottle or 50g/bottle.

#4. Short Lead time:

As we keep fresh stock before the last batch is sold out, we can quickly ship your order out.

The average lead time is 3~4 days after your PO.

What Is 108575-32-2​?

Name: 3-Amino-3-methyl-1-pentyne hydrochloride

Appearance: Off-white solid

Cas No.: 108575-32-2

Chemical Formula: C6H11N•HCl

Molecular Weight: 133.622

3-Amino-3-methyl-1-pentyne hydrochloride is one of our competitive building blocks in stock. Contact us for quick order.

What Is The HS Code For 108575-32-2?

It is classified as an organic compound.

It belongs to the class of Other amino (naphthol, hydroxybenzene) and aether, ester (including their salt, but except those containing one or more oxygen-containing groups, with HS Code as 2922299090.

How Much Does 3-Amino-3-methyl-1-pentyne Cost?

Our price depends on your order quantities and is also subject to raw material price fluctuations.

For order quantities of 1kg to 5kg, our offer is around 8000USD/kg.

For order quantities of 100G or less, our price is around 40usd/G

For more accurate prices and lead time, please contact us directly.

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