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Why Import Cresold Red From Us?

1. Steady Stock For Prompt Shipment

We keep a steady constant stock of over 500 KG ready for urgent orders from our regular and new customers

Once the stock quantity is less than 500 KG, we would make a production schedule and make sure our stock is not less than 400~500 KG.

2: High Purity Makes Sure of High Quality

We stick to the guidelines of ISO9001 for our production and our purity is 98% as a minimum.

Due to our strict confirmation of its production procedure, our purity is always above 98% in the form of a fine powder.

What is Cresol Red?

chemical structure of cresol red 1733-12-6
Cresol Red Chemical Structure

Product Name: Cresol Red

Cas Number: 1733-12-6

Other Names: O-Cresol red, O-Cresolsulfonphthalein, Cresolsulfophthalein, o-Cresolsulfonephthalein.

Chemical Formula: C21H18O5S

Molecular Weight: 382.4 g/mol

Chemical Name: 4-[3-(4-hydroxy-3-methylphenyl)-1,1-dioxo-2,1λ6-benzoxathiol-3-yl]-2-methylphenol.

HS Code: 2934991000 (Sulfolactone and sulfolactam-磺内酯及磺内酰胺)

Shipping Options: Suitable for shipping by air, sea, and railroad.

Purity or Assay: 98% as Min

Standards: Enterprise Standards

Certificates available: ISO

Documents Available: COA

Supply Capability: 100 Tons per year


Price Ideas In 2023: 100USD~200USD/KG depending on your order quantities. (For more updated prices, contact us directly by email or WhatsApp)

Lead Time: 3~5 days for quantities less than 200KG, 7~8 days for orders less than 400KG.

Stock Status: Over 400KG

Shipping Temperature: Room temperature

Cresol red is a green to dark green or brown-red, greenish powder slightly soluble in water, and very soluble in ethanol, but insoluble in acetone or benzene.

As its color changes from orange to yellow between pH 0.2-1.8 and yellow to purple between pH 7.0-8.8, it is commonly used as an acid-base indicator, a dye, and a two-color indicator in labs and environment-protection industries.

Generally, it is made into 0.1% etution or 0.04% sodium salt aqueous solution to be used as an indicating agent.

For example, it is used as pH-sensitive indicator dyes in nano-optical urea biosensor membranes and heteronuclear structured fiber optic pH sensors.

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