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Vorapaxar sulfate 705260-08-8 structure

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What is Vorapaxar sulfate?

Cas Number: 705260-08-8

MF: C29H35FN2O8S

MW: 590.7

It is also named SCH 530348, developed by Merck for heart disease.

It is an anti-platelet agent working by inhibiting thrombin-related platelet aggregation. Thus, it is indicated for patients with history of heart attacks or people with peripheral arterial issues.

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How much does pure vorapaxar cost?

If you are looking to buy it for research, you are in the right place.

Before we indicate our price, please check prices from reagent companies for your ref.


Price from selleckchem is around 800usd/25mg

price from MCE is around 730usd/25mg

As you can see from the prices from reagent companies above, the best offer is 730usd for 25mg with purity as 99% as min. If you can order by bulk quantities, I am sure they will give you a discount.

Now please check our cost ideas for your ref: 1500usd/g for order quantities of 10G.

If you have regular orders for it, price can be further discussed.

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