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Vincristine Sulfate Specifications

vincristine sulfate chemical structure
Vincristine Sulfate Chemical Structure

Product Name: Vincristine Sulfate (硫酸长春新碱)

Appearance: A white to off-white powder

Cas Number: 2068-78-2

Molecular FormulaC46H58N4O14S

Molecular Weight: 923.04 g/mol

Chemical Name: methyl (1R,9R,10S,11R,12R,19R)-11-acetyloxy-12-ethyl-4-[(13S,15S,17S)-17-ethyl-17-hydroxy-13-methoxycarbonyl-1,11-diazatetracyclo[,12.05,10]nonadeca-4(12),5,7,9-tetraen-13-yl]-8-formyl-10-hydroxy-5-methoxy-8,16-diazapentacyclo[,9.02,7.016,19]nonadeca-2,4,6,13-tetraene-10-carboxylate;sulfuric acid

HS Code:  2942000000 (Other organic compounds, which means 其他有机化合物).

Suitability to be shipped by air as common goods: not suitable, it is a 6.1-Type Dangerous Chemical, not suitable to be shipped by air as common goods.

Grade: Pharma-Grade

Purity or Assay: >98%

Standards: Current USP/Enterprise Standards

Certificates available: GMP/ISO

Documents Available: COA

Supply Capability: 20 KG per year


Price Ideas In 2023: 200~350 USD/G. (Its price depends on the order quantity. For more updated prices, contact us directly by email or WhatsApp)

Lead Time: 5 days for quantities less than 200G, 14 days for 500G.

Stock Status: Over 1KG

Shipping Temperature: 2~8 Degrees Celsius

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