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Why You Should Buy Trazodone HCl Powder From Us?

#1. High purity:

our purity standard is 99% as min

#2. Low MOQ:

Our MOQ starts at 100G, convenient for orders from veterinary compounding pharmacies and research institutions.

#3. Fast shipment:

We can arrange fast repacking and you will get the tracking number in 3~4 days after your order.

#4. Quality guarantee:

We do the free exchange of goods or a full refund for any quality issues.

What Is Trazodone Hydrochloride?

99% Trazodone HCl Powder With Best Offer In China

Cas Number: 25332-39-2

Molecular formula: C19H22ClN5O

Molecular weight: 371.9 g/mol

It is a white to off-white crystalline powder very soluble in water.

It is an antidepressant used to treat anxieties and depression in humans. It is also used as a sleep aid to help people with insomnia to fall asleep.

Vets use it in veterinary clinics for dogs and cats. While it is used for dogs, it helps dogs to overcome separation anxiety. It is used to manage short-term anxieties in cats.

Anxiety dosage for dogs is around 2.5 mg per pound to 15 mg per pound per day.

How much does trazodone cost?

For pure trazodone powder of USP41 standards, our price for 100g is around 300usd.

For 500g Trazadone hcl powder for dogs and cats, our price is around 1100usd.

Of course, the prices are subject to fluctuations, costs from batch to batch can be a lightly different. 

For more detailed and updated prices, please contact us directly.

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