99% Sodium Phenylbutyrate Powder

Why You Should Buy Sodium phenylbutyrate Powder from us?

#1. High purity: 98% as min as fresh stock, the actual data by HPLC will reach 99%

#2. Prompt shipment: due to its unstable nature, it is our custom synthesis project, 10 days top as the lead time

#3. Reasonable prices for the same purity on the market: our price including shipping for 1kilo is around 1200~1500USD for your ref.

#4. Quality guarantee: You will get full refund for any quality issues (Purity<98% or incorrect structure). We can provide 3rd-party testing spectra for it before export.

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What Is Sodium Phenylbutyrate?

Sodium 4-phenylbutyrate structure

Cas Number: 1716-12-7

Molecular Formula: C10H11NaO2

Molar mass: 186.2 g/mol

Also called sodium 4-phenylbutyrate or PBNa, it is the sodium salt of 4-phenylbutyric acid (4-PBA). It is very soluble in water as an organic salt. It is freely soluble in methanol but insoluble in acetone and diethyl ether.

Solubility in water is 18.61mg/ml. When dissolved in DMSO, its solubility is 4.65mg/ml.

It is a white to off-white powder used as an intermediate for custom synthesis. It is also approved for treatment of urea cycle disorders.

Due to its histone deacetylase inhibiting abilities, it is also under research and clinical trials as a potential anti-cancer ingredient.

How Much Does Sodium Phenylbutyrate Cost?

If you need to buy it for research, you can check costs from reagent companies for your ref below:

Price from sigma is 125usd for 100mg

price from MCE is 160usd for 200mg

Price from TRC is 150usd for 10g

You can see the prices above from reagent companies, the best you can get is 150usd/10g from TRC. Now check our costs as below:

For price of 1kg of 98% type, our price is 1500usd. If your order quantities are bigger, our unit price can be lower.

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