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What is ONC201?

ONC201 1616632-77-9 Structure
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Cas No.: 1616632-77-9

Chemical Formula: C24H26N4O

It is a white powder currently under trial as an anti-cancer pharmaceutical molecule.

In many cases, people can not figure out ONC201 and TIC10.

Those 2 molecules have very similar structures, if you don’t look closely, you will not see the differences between them. 

But only ONC201 is active and effective against cancers, while TIC structure is a mistake made by the creator.

It is novel cancer therapeutic and dual inhibitor of ERK and Akt.

Research has shown that it cures glioblastoma brain cancer in mice.

Glioblastoma is one type of cancer very difficult to treat. It has a high death rate.

Clinical trials were conducted in the clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital and New York University with some evidence of response in patients with glioblastoma.

It is active against cancer stem cells and binds a subtype of dopamine receptors.

It has preclinical anti-tumor efficacy against ER/PR+. Her2+ and TNBC.

Its analogs such as ONC206 and ONC212 have shown differential activities.

Only ONC212 has preclinical activity in pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, and melanoma.

How Much Does ONC201 Cost?

For commercial order quantities, our price is about 300usd/g.

For 100 grams, our price is about 320usd/g.

If you are looking for small quantities for research, please check the prices from the reagent companies below:

Price from medchemexpress is around 1000usd/0.2g

Price from sigma is 402.5usd/0.1g

Price from trc-canada is 1200usd/0.5g

As you can see from the prices of 3 major reagent companies, their best offer is 2400usd/g for 1g.

But the price from us is almost 10% of their lowest offer.

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Difference Between ONC201 And TIC10

As the first member of the imipridone class of small molecules, ONC201, with cas number 1616632-77-9, is currently being tested in phase II clinical trials of patients with hematological malignancies and solid tumors. (1)

ONC201 is very useful and has been put into clinical trials for many types of cancer such as Pediatric H3 K27M Gliomas, Adult Recurrent H3 K27M-mutant Glioma, etc (2), so we chemists must get the structures right.

But, because ONC201 and TIC10 are two active small molecules strikingly similar to each other, many people even from the chemical industry did not get the correct chemical structures of each other.

Some very authoritative companies are even mislabeling each other on their websites, including PubChem.

For this wrong information, we even wrote an email to the PubChem administrator to do something about the wrong structure.

But here we have listed the correct structure corresponding to each name as you can see below, so you won’t get them wrong.

So far as we know, the chemical structure of ONC201 originally published by Stahle, et. al. in the patent literature was incorrect.

Listings on many websites [pubchem(3), bocsci(4)] got it wrong.

They labeled the bioactive structure both as TIC10 and ONC201.

We have looked up documents and run 1HNMR to get the right structures for your ref.

1HNMR Spectrum of ONC201 with Cas No 1616632-77-9

1HNMR Spectrum of ONC201 with Cas No 1616632-77-9

TIC10 41276-02-2 Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure of TIC10 41276-02-2

By comparison of the 2 structures above, you can see the difference between the 2 molecules:

the tricycle in ONC201 has a curve, while the tricycle in TIC10 is linear.

The structure difference is also proved by one article from Watermark(5).

If you are still not sure which is which, contact us anytime by email or WeChat.

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