98% Miltefosine API

Why Choose Us As Your Miltefosine Supplier In China?

1. High purity with stable supply.

The manufacturer’s purity requirement for miltefosine is 98% as min and the actual purity value of the former batches is over 99%.

Meanwhile, we keep over 10 kilos in regular stock for prompt shipment arrangements to our regular customers.

2: Competitive prices with fast shipment.

As we mentioned earlier, because we have regular customers buying it from us regularly, we have ready stocks for prompt shipments for other customers too.

Due to our advanced synthesis techniques and good cost control, we can provide you prices lower than current marker offers by 10% or more.

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Miltefosine API Specifications

miltefosine chemical structure
Miltefosine Chemical Structure

Product Name: Miltefosine (米替福新)

Appearance: A white to off-white powder

Cas Number: 58066-85-6

Molecular Formula: C21H46NO4P

Molecular Weight: 407.57 g/mol

Chemical Name: hexadecyl 2-(trimethylazaniumyl)ethyl phosphate

HS Code: 2923900090 (Other quaternary ammonium salts and quaternary ammonium bases-其他季铵盐及季铵碱)

Suitability to be shipped by air as common goods: Not suitable, it is a 6.1 Type Dangerous Chemical

Grade: Chemical Grade

Purity or Assay: >98%

Standards: Enterprise Standards

Certificates available: Not Available

Documents Available: COA/MSDS

Supply Capability: >10KG per month

MOQ: 100G

Price Ideas In 2023: 4500~5000USD/KG (Contact us by WhatsApp for more updated prices)

Lead Time: 3~4 days for quantities less than 1KG, 5~7 days for orders less than 10KG.

Stock Status: Over 10KG

Shipping Temperature: Room temperature

Also known as milteforan and impavido, miltefosine is a white crystalline powder soluble in water, about 10mg/ml.

It is an orally- and topically-active alkyl-phosphocholine compound with potential antineoplastic activity.

How Much Does Bulk Miltefosine API Cost?

If you are a human medicine manufacturer and you are looking for Pharmaceutical Grade miltefosine API with GMP and DMF to manufacture human medicines, you are not in luck.

There is no GMP/DMF in China for it yet, please note, that we are not able to quote prices for materials with registration documents.

Also please note miltefosine is regarded as a dangerous chemical, 6.1 type. So pay extra attention to the shipping options.

So our prices below will be all EXW costs for your ref.

For small business owners such as veterinary compounding pharmacies, our EXW price for 100 grams in USD is 850.

If you need 1 KG, our EXW price is around 5000 USD per kilo.

For 10 kilos, our FOB cost is about 4500 USD/kg.

For other quantities, please contact us directly for a quote.

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