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Why You Should Buy Maropitant Citrate Powder from Us?

#1. High quality: 

Our pure powder is manufactured in a GMP-certified factory and our quality standard for purity by HPLC is over 99%.

#2. Quality guarantee:

We provide a 100% refund for any quality issues.

#3. Fast shipment:

Within 3~4 days your goods will be sent out by express after your order confirmation.

The tracking info will be provided to you accordingly.

What Is Maropitant Citrate?

maropitant citrate chemical structure

Cas Number: 359875-09-5

Molecular Formula: C38H50N2O9

Molecular Weight: 678.8 g/mol

HS Code: 2933990099 (Other heterocyclic compounds containing only nitrogen as heteroatoms)

Maropitant citrate is a white to off-white crystalline powder used as a veterinary antiemetic API. 

Please note that there are three types of crystal forms: A, B, and C.

Form C has better solubility in water and methanol and higher stability.

Its solubility in water under room temperature for form A is 0.238g/l, form c is 0.445g/l.

When we raise the temperature to 37 Degrees Celcius, Its solubility won’t increase much, but if we change the solvent from water to methanol, solubility will increase by 10 times or more.

Nevertheless, the water solubility of citrate salt is much better than its free base.

Maripitant is used for all sorts of vomiting in cats and dogs marketed under the brand name Cerenia.

Injections are for acute vomiting, tablets or capsules are made for common types.

Injections are usually supplied in a 20ml amber glass bottle containing 10mg of Malopitan citrate per ml. Its well-known manufacturer is Fareva Amboise.

Its tablets are available in sizes of 16, 24, 60, and 160 mg. Consult your Vet for more details.

Injections are usually supplied in a 20ml amber glass bottle containing 10mg of Malopitan citrate per ml. Its well-known manufacturer is Fareva Amboise.

How Much Does Maropitant Powder Cost?

For 99% type pure maropitant powder, the cost of citrate salt and free base is about the same.

Please clarify which one you need before your order.

#1. If you are looking for reference substances or working standards, and you have requirements of very high purity, over 99.9% type.

For this type of pure powder, the price from reagent companies is around 9500usd/25mg and 400usd/5mg.

#2. If you are looking for pure maropitant powder for research, you can also check reagent companies for bigger packages such as 1g, 5g, etc.

The cost from reagent companies is about 1000USD/1G

#3. If you are a pharmacist trying to compound tablets or capsules for dogs and cats, you may check our cost for your ref as below:

100G our price is around 5000usd, 1kg our price is about 25000usd.

Who Should Order Maropitant Citrate Powder From Us?

As maropitant is very expensive, you can tell from its dosage costs.

Take its 16mg injection, for example, 1 injection costs about 9usd, which means 1 gram costs about 560usd (9/0.016).

While the cost of each 16mg tablet is about 4usd, then 1 gram cost about 250usd/G.

So it is suitable for these types of customers below to buy it from us:

#1. Compounding pharmacy owners or raw material procurement managers:

with the calculation above you can see that if you order 100g maropitant with 5000usd, how much money you can make?

Let’s calculate: you can compound about 60 tabs of 16mg, let’s say you sell it by 2usd/tab, which is half of the branded tablet, your total earning is 2*60*100, which is 12000usd.

The cost for excipients(microcrystalline cellulose, lactose, croscarmellose sodium, and magnesium stearate), packing, labor, and other costs are about 2000usd, you still have 5000usd, it is a good business. 😉

#2. Researchers and scholars with a limited budget:

If you check maropitant prices from reagent companies, it is sky-high.

Here we can help you to bring down the cost by more than half.

We know it is a very expensive ingredient, but we are ready to do the repacking for you, contact us directly for more details.

How To Ship and Store Maropitant Powder?

Maropitant has been tested by China Safety Authorities and is regarded as a common chemical suitable for shipping by air, sea, and rail, or truck.

It is not a dangerous product, not poisonous, not flammable or explosive, not oxidizing either.

As for the shipping temperatures and conditions, let’s check its stability testing data first.

Stability tests have shown that it is even photochemically stable and no degradation in the solid state is found when exposed to accelerated (40ºC/75% RH), intermediate (30ºC/60% RH), and long-term (25ºC/60% RH) VICH storage conditions.

Based on the data above, it is ok for us to ship it at room temperature, just make sure it is properly sealed with a foil bag. (Protected from light and moisture)

For long-term storage, it is recommended to be stored at -20 Degrees Celcius, but it is stable for 24 months under room temperature.

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