99% Fusidic Acid Powder

Why You Should Buy Fusidic Acid Powder From Us?

#1. High Potency and Quality: It is manufactured in GMP factory stictly according to cGMP standards and we make sure of the quality by strick QC.

#2. Competitive prices with ready stock for prompt shipment: We have goods in stock for fast shipping. Once your order is confirmed, tracking will be provided to you within 3~4 days or we manage to get your goods on plane within 5 days. If there is no need do the repacking, it can be even sooner.

#3. Low MOQ: our MOQ starts from 1kg as trial order to meet your trial and testing demands.

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What Is Fusidic Acid?

chemical structure of fusidic acid powder

Cas Number: 6990-06-3

Molecular Formula: C31H48O6

Molecular Weight: 516.7 g/mol

Pure fusidic acid powder is a white to off-white crystalline powder insoluble in water. Under room temperature its solubility in water is about 0.002376 mg/l.

If you must need a water-soluble form, you should choose fusidate sodium. Its sodium salt is freely soluble in water and ethanol.

Though it is an antibiotic, it is one of the most popular ingredients used for skin conditions.

We can see many of dosages in the market, often in forms of creams, eye drops, tablets, and capsules, etc.

Fusidic acid is an antibiotic with a steroidal backbone that inhibits protein synthesis in bacteria. It kills the bacteria by inhibiting their protein synthesis. It has a strong antibacterial effect on staphylococci (including methicillin-resistant or other antibiotic-resistant strains), and also inhibits streptococci, enterococci, diphtheria bacilli, clostridia, Neisseria species, and tuberculosis bacilli. Its effects on mycobacteria is weak.

How Much Does Pure Fusidic Acid Cost?

First thing first, there is no product GMP for fusidic acid in China. GMP is only available for fusidate sodium. But our fusidic acid is manufactured in GMP-approved factory. Ok, now let’s get to its costing.

If you are looking to buy fusidic acid by commercial order quantity such as 100kilo, our FOB price is around 700USD/kg.

If you only need to place a trial order of 1kilo, our total price including shipping by courier to you is about 1400USD.

We can also do repackings if you only need 100G. Whatever quantity you need, you can contact us directly for the latest prices.

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