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Why You Purchase NBMI/BDTH2 From Us?

#1. Consistent Quality:

The bulk powder has a purity of 98% as min.

We have 1HNMR and HPLC spectrum for quality proof.

#2. Fast Delivery Channel with Stable Stock:

Customers are happy to receive chemicals safely in their hands through our delivery, we make sure you can receive the package.

Whether you are a buyer from the UK or the US, we have warehouses overseas to arrange the shipping for you.

#3. Steady Supply with Flexible Packing

We keep 100G~500G freshly in stock.

If you only need a smaller quantity for your lab research, we will do the repacking accordingly for you.

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What is Emeramide (NBMI/BDTH2)?

Buy 99% Emeramide (NBMI) At the Best Prices
NBMI Chemical Structure
Buy 99% Emeramide (NBMI) At the Best Prices
NMBI X-Ray Stucture

Product name: Emeramide/NBMI/BDTH2

Cas number: 351994-94-0

Molecular Weight: 284.4g/mol

Molecular Formula: C12H16N2O2S2

Chemical Name: N1, N3-Bis-(2-Mercaptoethyl) Isophthalamide

HS Code: 2930909099, categorized as Other organosulfur compounds (其他有机硫化合物)

Emeramide, also known as BDTH2 or NBMI, is a white to off-white crystalline powder organically synthesized in the lab with its characteristic stinky odor of naked and reductive sulfhydryl group(-SH).

Our related residual solvents are methanol and ethanol used for refining and crystalization.

It is insoluble in water but easily soluble in fat or lipids.

But it is soluble in DMSO, which makes its 1HNMR testing in DMSO solution easier.

Emeramide was previously used for treating mercury-contaminated soil and water, but later it was also found to be able to detox animals with mercury poisoning.

It is one of our recently developed novel active molecules, a brand-new lipid-soluble antioxidant, and a novel heavy metal chelator (Mainly used for mercury poisoning).

You can tell from its chemical structure that this molecule is specifically designed to capture heavy metals, especially mercury (II) in groundwater and soil.

But due to the small demand from the current market, we are still not manufacturing it commercially till today.

Even orders of Kilos are counted as big orders for us and the kilos are still done in our pilot labs and our one batch of production won’t be sold out within 6 months.

How Much Does Emeramide/NBMI/BDTH2 Cost?

The price Of NBMI not only depends on your order quantity but also is subject to upper-stream raw material price fluctuations.

If you need to buy a few grams for lab research, you can compare our prices with costs from other companies first.

For an order quantity of 100G~500G, the cost from octagonchem is around 30usd/G

For small orders of 10~20G, our price is about 40~50 USD per gram.

Now please check the costs from reagent companies below and you will find the best price you can get from reagent companies is 70usd/g for 5g.

emeramide price from TRC-canada is 70usd/g for 5g
Price from TRC-canada is 70usd/g for 5g
Price from medchemexpress is 180usd for 0.5g
emeramide price from adooq is 60usd for 0.1g
Price from adooq is 60usd for 0.1g

Currently, the shipping cost is not stable either, shipping to UK and US will be covered by our side for orders over 500 USD.

No matter which country you are from, UK or Canada, you can contact us directly for cost details.

What Is the HS Code Of NBMI?

Emeramide is classified as an organic compound belonging to the class of Other organic sulfur compounds.

It has the HS code 2930909099 in China Customs in 2023.

If you are looking to import its finished formulations, its HS code should be 30049092 or 3004900000.

Check with your import broker before your import.

What Heavy Metals Can Emeramide Chelate? 

heavy metals in water can be chelated by emeramide powder
Buy 99% Emeramide (NBMI) At the Best Prices
How emeramide cholates Hg
How Mercury Is Trapped By NBMI

NBMI is the Best-known reagent so far used for the precipitation of mercury from water.

The precipitate of BDTH-Hg or NBMI-Hg is so stable that it will trap and capture almost all mercury ions in water, even when the mercury ion concentration level in aqueous solutions is very low. 

What makes BDTH2 better is that BDTH2 will still be binding mercury even after it is oxidized into disulfide.

It will work in all sorts of water solutions, such as acidic, basic, or neutral ones, no matter what the PH of the solution is.

Except for the notorious heavy metal mercury, NBMI is also proven to be effective in precipitating other divalent metals in groundwater or soil, such as copper, lead, arsenic, selenium, cadmium, etc.

Scientific studies show that BDTH2 can chelate mercury, lead, cadmium, copper, manganese, zinc, and iron across the blood-brain barrier.

Mercury (Hg), especially from the groundwater, goal ore, wastewater of battery-recycling plants, coal tailings, and contaminated soils, can be effectively chelated so that the waters and soils can be treated and cleaned.

What Are The Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning?

heavy-metal poisoning symptoms
Symptoms of Toxicity Of Heavy Metals
heavy metals emeramide can chelate
Heavy Metals In Our Daily Life

There are two types of heavy metal poisoning, acute and chronic poisoning.

What we are talking about here is chronic poisoning by heavy metals.

We can find heavy metals everywhere, in the water, air, food, toys, etc.

If you live in a heavy-metal polluted environment for a while, there are risks that you may get heavy metal poisoning.

Common symptoms of heavy metal poisoning include nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tingling of your hands and feet, chills, and weakness.

It is better to see a doctor right away when you have such symptoms if you have lived in environments polluted by high-level heavy metals. 

How Is Emeramide Produced In the Lab?

Emeramide synthesis route
NBMI Synthesis Route In The Lab

As a professional emeramide manufacturer in China, we share our synthesis route for your ref.

The lab synthesis of NBMI can be done in a one-step synthesis route as shown above.

We just have to make sure that the reaction takes place at a low temperature.

We first dissolve 2-aminoethylthiol hydrochloride in chloroform and triethylamine and place the flask in an ice bath with stirring.

Then we slowly add the solution containing Isophthaloyl chloride dissolved in chloroform.

Then we stir the mixture flask in an ice bath for two hours. 

NBMI will precipitate after we add about 100 mL of 0.1mol/L hydrochloride solution.

Later we collect and dry the powder to get the target molecule.

Emeramide Dosages

It was designated as an orphan drug by the European Commission and USFDA in 2012. 

For now, it is still under processing by the pharmaceutical company EmeraMed Limited with the trade name Irminix.

Currently, the drug-developing company can offer a 14-day treatment x 300mg per day of Irminix®. 

For more details, please check the website of EmeraMed Limited.

How Does Emeramide/BDTH2/NBMI Work In Vivo?

Toxicity of mercury occurs at the intracellular level by the binding of Hg2+ with thiol groups of relevant proteins in cells.

It has been proved in animal models that mercury toxicity can be relieved by the use of BDTH2, which can cross the cell membrane and the blood-brain barriers to chelate Hg2+.

Also in clinical trial tests performed by Emeramed Limited, BDTH2 is proved to be a safe, effective way to detox mercury without the issues and side effects of other chelating agents.

In-vivo research (300mg per day) shows that it captures mercury and other heavy metals, which helps create free radicals and thereby restores normal functions to the mitochondria and overall health. 

There is no known toxicity shown by clinical research so far.

It has been sold as a nutritional supplement under the trade name OSR-1 for many years.

With the trade name of Irminix, it has already been approved by the European Medicines Agency.

Other Reasons You Import NBMI From Us

#1. High purity:

Our BDTH2 is 98% with a consistent manufacturing process.

#2. Fast shipment:

We keep a fresh stock of 200G~500G and an international tracking number by TNT/FedEx can be provided within 3~4 days.

#3. Quality assurance:

100% refund for any quality issues tested with 1HNMR and LC-MS.

#4. Low MOQ:

Our MOQ starts at 10 grams and is subject to negotiation on smaller packings.

#5. Samples available for quality approval:

Samples for testing are available. (We may have to charge you sample fees as it is expensive)

#6. Commercial manufacturing is ready and optimized:

we are ready to move to commercial-scale production from our current lab-pilot scale.

How To Ship and Store Emeramide Powder?

packing details for 50g emeramide powder
Packing Details For 50G

#1. Shipping methods

The pure powder of NBMI is white to almost white crystal, with a characteristic acid or sour smell.

When there is a color change or odor, test it for possible degradations.

As for the shipping methods, it is a non-hazardous chemical to be shipped by air, courier, or by sea.

It is not a dangerous chemical, not toxic, not flammable or explosive, or oxidative.

It is very stable if you seal it and protect it from light, moisture, or heat.

For international shipping, we can ship it at room temperature, no need to ice it to keep it cool.

From the shipping experiences of the past 2 years, it is stable after shipment at normal temperature, with no obvious impurities found by HPLC after our customers got it.

#2. Storage

While after you receive the package, it is highly recommended to be stored under -20 degrees Celsius for long-term storage.

Shelf life under -20 degrees can be as long as 5 years.

For short-term storage of several days, weeks, or even months, 2~8 degrees Celsius will be ok.

Shelf life for 2~8 degrees is 2 years.

Just make sure the package is air-tight and the powder is protected from light and heat.

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