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Emeramide 351994-94-0 Structure

What can Emeramide be used for?

Emeramide, also known as BDTH2, is a white to off-white solid. It is one of our recently developed novel active melocules. It is a lipid-soluble antioxidant and a novel heavy metal chelator. From its chemical name N, N’-Bis(2-mercaptoethyl)isophthalamide and structure we can see that it has two sulfhydryl groups. These two sulfhydryl groups determine its functions as a mercury chelator and an antioxidant. (Check BDTH2 chemical structure above)

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What are symptoms of heavy metal poisoning? 

There are two types of Heavy metal poisoning, acute and chronic poisoning. What we are talking about here is chronic poisoning by heavy metals. We can find heavy metals everywhere, in the water, air, foods, and toys, etc. If you live in a heavy metal polluted environment for a while, there are risks that you may get heavy metal poisoning.


Common symptoms of heavy metal poisoning include nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tingling of your hands and feet, chills, and weakness. It is better to see a doctor right away when you have these symptoms when you have lived in such environments polluted by high-level heavy metals. 

What heavy metals Emeramide can chelate? 

Scientific studies show that Emeramide can chelate lead, cadmium, copper, manganese, zinc, iron can be chelated by Emeramide (BDTH2), especially mercury (Hg) from the groundwater, goal ore, wastewater of battery-recycling plants, coal tailings, and contaminated soil.

Emeramide dosage

Emeramide was designated as an orphan drug by the European Commission and USFDA since 2012. For now, it is still under processing by the pharmaceutical company EmeraMed Limited. The trade name is Irminix. Currently, they can offer a 14-day treatment x 300mg per day of Irminix®. For more details, please check the web of EmeraMed Limited.

How does Emeramide work in Vivo?

In-vivo research(300mg per day) shows that Emeramide captures mercury and other heavy metals, which helps create free radicals and thereby restores normal functions to the mitochondria and overall health. By trial tests of Emreamed Limited, Emeramide is a safe, effective way to detox without the issues and side effects of other chelating agents.

What is Emeramide Class?

Chemically speaking, Emeramide is classified as an organic compound belongs to the class of Other organic sulfur compounds, with HS code as 2930909099.

What is Emeramide Price?(Last update 2020.01.19)

Emeramide price depends on your order quantity and also subjects to upper-stream raw material price fluctuations.

For order quantity of 100G~500G, Emeramide price from octagonchem is around 20usd/G

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if you need emeramide for research, check prices from reagent companies below. The best emeramide price you can get from reagent company is 70usd/g for 5g.

emeramide price from TRC-canada is 70usd/g for 5g

emeramide price from TRC-canada is 70usd/g for 5g

emeramide price from medchemexpress is 180usd for 0.5g

emeramide price from medchemexpress is 180usd for 0.5g

emeramide price from adooq is 60usd for 0.1g

Emeramide price from adooq is 60usd for 0.1g


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