Stucture Difference Of ONC201 And TIC10

ONC201 and TIC10 are two active molecules very similar to each other. Some companies are even mislabeling each other. We will list the correct structure to each name as below:

ONC201 is the first member of the imipridone class of small molecules. The compound is currently being tested in phase II clinical trials of patients with hematological malignancies and solid tumors. (1)

ONC201 is very useful and has been put into clinical trials for many types of cancer such as Pediatric H3 K27M Gliomas, Adult Recurrent H3 K27M-mutant Glioma, etc (2), so it is very important thast we chemists should get the structures right for ONC201.

The chemical structure of ONC201 originally published by Stahle, et. the patent literature was incorrect. Listings in many websites [pubchem(3), bocsci(4)] also got it wrong. They labeled the bioactive structure both as TIC10 and ONC201. We have looked up documents and run 1HNMR to get the right structures for your ref.

1HNMR Spectrum of ONC201 with Cas No 1616632-77-9

1HNMR Spectrum of ONC201 with Cas No 1616632-77-9

Chemical Structure of ONC201 1616632-77-9

TIC10 41276-02-2 Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure of TIC10 41276-02-2

By comparison of the 2 structures above, you can see the difference between the 2 molecules, which is also proved by one article from Watermark(5).