Tasimelteon vs Ramelteon

tasimelteon vs ramelteon
Tasimelteon vs Ramelteon

Patients having difficulties sleeping may have prescriptions from doctors for different meds, it could be melatonin, ramelteon, or tasimelteon.

It all depends on their symptoms.

But not all people know the differences between ramelteon and tasimelteon.

Here we listed several points to compare those two ingredients and we hope it is helpful to you.

1. Usage differences as medicines and approval date by US FDA

Ramelteon is mainly used for delayed sleep onset, one particular symptom of insomnia.

It is marketed as Rozerem and approved by the US FDA in 2005, a good and non-addictive sleep medicine.

While tasimelteon, marketed as Hetlioz, is mainly used to treat sleep disorders, especially non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder. US FDA first approved it in 2013.

It is approved to help blind people get their sleeping circle back.

2. Safety

Ramelteon is regarded as safe to use for people over 65 years old.

Tasimelteon has no guarantee of safety in this aspect. None of them are recommended for children though.

3. Cost difference

The price of pure ramelteon is less than 1/10 of that of tasimelteon.

The price of tasimelteon API is around 1000 USD in 2023, but the cost of ramelteon is about 10 USD per gram in 2023.

The cost difference can be caused by synthesis difficulties, but it can be related to market demand quantity and manufacturing capacity.

When the demand quantity is commercial, the price will be brought down from heaven to earth in no time.

Meanwhile, tasimelteon is a relatively novel molecule compared to ramelteon, its yearly consumption quantity is still small compared to ramelteon.

4. Stability

From its structure, we can see the triangle cycle from Tasimelteon, which is very sensitive to light, heat, and moisture.

That’s why all our molecules are packed in amber bottles or alu-foil bags.

We need to take extra care of it.

To sum it up, tasimelteon and ramelteon are both used for insomnia, but for different types, and ramelteon is comparatively safer, much cheaper, tasimelteon is a relatively new molecule, and its safety is still to be determined by the side effects reported in the future.

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