Is Cyclosporine Dangerous?

Cyclosporine API chemical structure
Cyclosporine Chemical Structure

1. As one of the largest cyclosporine API suppliers in China, several importers have asked us if cyclosporine API is a safe chemical to be shipped by air, to which we replied with a firm YES!

Cyclosporine is a common chemical safe to be shipped by air or express couriers, and we have certificates of safe transportation by air for it from several testing authorities.

2. Someone from Quora is concerned about the overdose of cyclosporine, which is not our specialty though, either way, we try to look for more information on the overdosing and check out what we have found below.

3. Other customers worry about its stability during transport at room temperatures, they are worried that cyclosporine may go bad on the way to their warehouse, and we tell them their concerns are unnecessary.


We have done stability tests to prove that cyclosporine is stable for at least 3 years at room temperature, not to mention that it is cold within the cargo of an airplane.

Now we will break it down with more data, take a look:

#1. Safety issues as a chemical:

Chemically speaking, cyclosporine powder is tested and categorized as a very safe and common chemical to be shipped by air or by express.

All the shipping companies such as FedEx, TNT, DHL, and UPS are shipping it every day.

It is non-poisonous and we can tell that by its LD50 value by oral intake:

LD50 in rats by oral is 1480mg/kg

LD50 in mice by oral is 2803mg/kg

LD50 in rabbits by oral is over 1000mg/kg.

LD50 by Intravenous injection:

LD50 for rats by injection is 25mg/kg

LD50 for mice by injection is 107mg/kg

LD50 for rabbits by injection is over 10mg/kg.

It is neither flammable nor explosive in any way.

Its flash point is 736.3°C and its boiling point is 1293.8°C.

It is relatively stable in heat.

For more safety details, you can check its MSDS data below on our product page.

#2. Side effects as a drug:

Each drug has side effects, not to mention if you are overdosing on it.

First, let’s check out its side effects, the damage of overdosing will cause more damage than you think.

1. Nephrotoxicity:

One of its most severe side effects is nephrotoxicity, which might be related to the susceptibility of the individual.

It may affect renal function, decrease the ability of glomerular filtration rate, and cause high urine protein, urea nitrogen, and creatinine.

However, in most cases, it is transient and will recover after the drug is reduced and stopped.

However, you are recommended to insist on regular follow-up visits during the medication period and do blood routine and liver and kidney function checks.

2. Hypertension:

After taking it, some patients will experience increased blood pressure which may even induce hypertension.

Therefore, for elderly patients, it is necessary to pay close attention to this adverse reaction.

If you have symptoms of high blood pressure, you need to take the medication carefully and consult your doctor immediately.

3. Cell carcinogenesis:

Like other immunosuppressants, it will greatly increase the possibility of developing lymphoma or other malignant tumors, which means it may cause cancer.

During the period of taking the medication, patients need to avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet light to avoid malignant skin lesions and incurable skin cancer.

4. Weight gain:

As one of the immunosuppressive drugs, the patients may experience obesity after taking it.

This is mainly because these drugs are prone to water and sodium retention, and the body has symptoms of central obesity, which can be manifested as a round face and slender limbs, but the abdominal muscles are greatly increased.

5. Other side effects:

Other side effects may include increased body hair, gingival hyperplasia, paresthesia, and sometimes gastrointestinal disorders.

In severe cases, it may also cause a series of concurrent diseases such as Raynaud’s syndrome, diabetes, and pancreatitis, and the number of white blood cells in the blood may also decrease.

To conclude: it is a common and safe chemical for shipment by air, while it will cause many unwanted side effects and it is better to take extra care when you are taking its medications.

#3. Stability Data as a chemical

As one of the cyclosporine API Manufacturers In China, we are required to do stability tests for any API we produce.

The stability test data, along with many other docs, will be provided to CDE (Center For Drug Evaluation, NMPA).

After our officials approve our drug application and issue an approval number, then our APIs can be allowed to be made into medicines.

Ok, let’s get back to its stability as a chemical at room temperature.

Cyclosporine is comparatively a stable chemical, its assay data proves that it is stable for at least 3 years at room temperature.

Any of our customers who are interested in this Stability Data are welcome to contact us for it.

To sum it up, cyclosporine is a safe and common chemical to be shipped by air, it is not toxic or dangerous.

It has many side effects as a drug, overdosing will be dangerous.

And it won’t go bad easily during transportation or under storage.

Any customers who are interested in importing cyclosporine API from China for medicine manufacturing and compounding, you are welcome to comment below or contact us directly for possible business, cheers 😉

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