How To Ship Cyclosporine API Powder From China?

The Doc Needed By FedEx To Ship Cyclosporine APIs By Air:

#1. Certification for safe transport of chemical goods

there are two main-stream authorities for this certification, DGM and SICIT(Shanghai Institute of chemical industry testing co., ltd).

Normally DGM certificate is recognized by Customs Officials in both south and north China. 

While SICIT is not usable in North China for unknown reasons.

If you plan to import cyclosporine bulk API from suppliers in the south of China, you may want to remind them to apply for DGM certificates to avoid any Customs delay.

Cyclosporine API chemical structure
Cyclosporine API Chemical Structure

As one of the leading Cyclosporine API Suppliers In China for over 10 years, we have been exporting it for over a decade to customers all year round.

After we deliberate on the certificate needed for shipping by air, now we will go on with the shipping options to import cyclosporine.

#1. Shipping methods

Cyclosporine powder is a very stable and safe chemical, not poisonous, not dangerous in any way such as flammable, explosive, oxidizing, etc.

#1.1 By air or courier for orders of small quantities.

For small orders of less than 10kg, couriers are your best choice.

For your urgent orders, it is recommended to ship them by direct flight to your airport or direct express courier.

#1.2 By air for order quantity between 10~100kg

For those quantities, shipping by courier will cost more than the shipping fee by air.

So shipping by air is recommended.

#1.3. By sea for Commercial orders over 500kg.

If your order is as big as 500kg, it is recommended to ship it by sea if you want to save some money on the shipping cost.

But all in all, the most common ways are by air in our experience.

Due to its high value, air freight cost is only a very small part of the total cost.

Say the shipping by air costs about 15usd per kilo, it is only 1/120 of the product cost.

It is never wrong to ship your expensive products by air.

#2. Temperature control during the transport

By the way, during transportation, there is no need to ship it with an ice pad to keep it cool because the powder is stable at room temperature.

#3. Storage

As for storage, it should be stored in a dry and cool place with an inner package sealed well, and this place should be protected from light and heat to avoid severe temperature fluctuations.

Also, make sure the storage temperature is stable and not over 25 degrees.

If you are storing a reference standard, you should put it into a refrigerator and store it under 20 degrees below 0.

Any customers who are interested in importing cyclosporine APIs from China are welcome to contact us for a quote.

In case you don’t have a reliable supplier for it, comment below or contact us directly by email.

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