How To Import Bulk Melatonin From China (Step By Step)?

How To Import Melatonin From China?
Melatonin Chemical structure

Hi there, if you are the new importer of melatonin and you want to import it from China, this is the ultimate guide to show you how to do it step by step.

Step One: you need to find yourself a reliable melatonin supplier.

How do you do it? There are plenty of ways.

1.1 Supplier Directory such as Alibaba, global source, chemical register, pharmacompass, DHgate, ECPlaza, EC21, etc.

1.2 Search Engines: google, bing, yahoo, Yandex

1.3 Industry Exhibitions: CPHI, API

1.4 Import/Export Records: Panjiva, ImportGenius (Both are paid services)

1.5 Recommendations from the supplier you have worked with.

1.6 FDA/TGA/EDQM official sites to check the registered suppliers

For more details on how to find reliable chemical suppliers in China, check our former posts.

Step Two: Get the net price ideas for melatonin. (without shipping, handling, etc)

After you have several reliable suppliers in your hand, now it is time to send inquiries to them and collect their quotes to compare.

Meanwhile, you will need to check what types of certificates are available.

You should pass those suppliers without any certificates such as HALAL, KOSHER, or ISO.

Those are the certificates to ensure product quality, and you may also need those certificates to apply for your import permits.

Ok, now back to the prices of melatonin.

You will normally receive offers with good or not-so-good prices, and you have to know the general market price idea for melatonin.

2.1 How Much Does Melatonin Powder Cost In 2023?

melatonin price trends
Melatonin Price Curve Since 2019

The melatonin material price from octagonchem in 2023 is around 120~130 USD/kg for commercial order quantities such as 1000kg or more as FOB Shanghai.

If you have a demand of 300kilo, our cost is around 140~150 USD/kg.

Our prices are subject to stock status and seasonal changes.

For more accurate updated prices, please contact us directly.

Also, check its export prices below from pharmacompass and then you will a price idea for it.

melatonin export prices from different countries

You can see the average export price from India is 956 USD per kg, which is very absurdly high.

You can also the export price from China to India is around 156 USD per kg, which is a normal and reasonable cost, close to the real cost of pure powder.

So now you have the price idea for it and compare the offers in your hand with the market price.

Pass those above 160 USD/KG, pay special attention to those around 130 USD/KG, and try to get the buying cost as low as possible and protect your margin.

However, if you receive offers below 110 USD/KG, watch out, those can be fishy businesses, don’t order from them unless you are 100% sure.

Step Three: Calculate other fees such as Import Duties, Domestic Shipping Costs to get the total costs.

To know the import taxes, you will need to know the tax rates for the imported raw materials.

Tax rates are normally related to the HS Code of Melatonin or Harmonized Tariff System (or HTS) classification.

3.1 What is the HS Code Of Melatonin? (HTS)

Melatonin powder is categorized as an organic compound.

It belongs to a group of organic compounds called ‘other heterocyclic compounds containing only nitrogen as heteroatoms’, with the HS Code 2933990099 in China. 

If you need to look up its HTS in the USA, check the link.

There were customers requiring us to use 2937900000.

Please note that 293790 has already been replaced by 293399 in China Customs in 2020.

But, how it is classified in your country of destination is another matter though, you better consult an import broker to make sure.

Normally there are mainly three types of fees to be levied by your Customs: Value Added Tax, Import Tax, and other Customs fees, and the total of 3 will be the fees from your Customs.

Step Four: Place an order and make the purchase. (Make sure you have the import permits before you pay)

After checking those certificates and price breaks, you have selected the most suitable supplier for this import.

You negotiate the payment terms, and trade terms, confirm the lead time, and quality standards, then sign the contract with the supplier, issue PO to them, and ask for their wire transfer instructions for future payment arrangements.

Sure there are plenty of details on the negotiations, how to convince the supplier to comply with the agreed quality standards and lead time, how to reduce your buying cost to a minimum, etc.

If you are interested in those terms, leave a comment below and we will break this segment into details.

Step Five: Shipment of the goods to the port of destination

About who will do the shipping, it is up to the buyer.

If you have able shipping agents, you can do EXW with your supplier.

If your suppliers have good prices with CIF, you can pay them to do the shipping for you.

Below are all the shipping options on how to ship it.

5.1 How To Ship Melatonin Powder?

If you are considering importing melatonin powder, it is important to choose a shipping method that is both reliable and meets the regulatory requirements for transportation.

Melatonin is tested and proved to be a safe and common chemical, not a dangerous one.

5.1.1) By Air

One option for shipping melatonin powder is by air freight.

This is a fast and efficient method of transportation, but it can be more expensive than other options. It is also subject to stricter regulations and may require special handling and packaging to ensure the safety and security of the shipment.

5.1.2) By Sea

Another option is to ship melatonin powder by sea freight, which is typically less expensive than air freight but takes longer to reach its destination.

This method is suitable for larger shipments and can be a good choice if time is not a critical factor. However, it is important to ensure that the packaging is suitable for the long journey and the potential exposure to rough weather conditions.

5.1.3) By Courier

If you are importing a small quantity of melatonin powder, you may also consider using a courier service such as FedEx or DHL.

These services offer fast and reliable delivery and may be the easiest way compared to other options.

It is important to check the regulatory requirements and any restrictions on the transportation of melatonin powder through these services.

Regardless of the shipping method you choose, it is important to carefully plan and prepare your import to ensure that it reaches its destination safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

This may involve working with a professional logistics company or obtaining the necessary permits and documentation.

Step Six: Customs Clearance and ship goods to your warehouses.

Once the goods are shipped to the Customs of the destination, say CBP in the USA, you will have to handle the clearance of it.

According to the laws of the destination country, get the import permits before the goods are handed to the Customs Officials.

All goods imported are subject to inspections in Customs, and certain tariffs are imposed on them.

Provide all docs needed for clearance to the officials, pay the import taxes and handling fees, etc, and then your goods are ready to be released from Customs Surveillance.

Once the goods are released, then you are free to get your goods into your warehouses for the next steps, and the whole import process is complete.

In case there are certain steps you are unclear about, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

Your issue will be handled ASAP.

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