How To Dissolve Minxodil Powder For 1HNMR And HPLC?

minoxidil chemical structure
Minoxidil Chemical Structure

About how to dissolve minoxidil for HPLC and 1HNMR testing, it is a small episode that happened in our lab.

When we do the testing of 1nmr spectra for any unverified molecules, we often use DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) as a solvent.

However, it is difficult for us to dissolve it in DMSO.

Our Technician In Charge Felix has come up with an idea: a small amount of hydrochloride will greatly increase its solubility in DMSO.

And voila, we get the concentration we need to do our 1hnmr.

Sometimes it is just that simple, a little change will make the difference.

You can find our Minoxidil 1hnmr spectrum with hydrochloride for your ref.

For the method of analysis by HPLC, you can just follow the testing procedure in the USP monograph.

Sure you can always improvise according to the different testing conditions you have.

If anything is unclear about the testing methods, welcome to contact us anytime.

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