How Much Does Amphotericin B API Cost?

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Amphotericin B 1397-89-3 Chemical Structure
Amphotericin B API Chemical Structure With Cas 1397-89-3

Amphotericin B (Anfotericina B, 两性霉素B)is a widely used antibiotic in the pharmaceutical industry and lab research.

It is a yellow fine powder suitable and safe for shipping by air or express couriers.

It is made into topical formulations and injections to treat many kinds of infections in our daily lives.

As one of the leading amphotericin B suppliers in China, we receive price inquiries from Customers daily, but we can not get all the information we need to send our quotation by a simple contact form we receive, then we will have to ask several basic questions to do the quotation, some times the email has to go back and forth several times.

The common reply from us is like this:

  1. what grade do you need?
  2. how much do you need it?
  3. better tell us what you will do with it, so we can recommend you the right grades.

We feel it is too much trouble to explain to customers the grades we have for each inquiry we receive, then we decide to do an explanation on the grades and relevant price ideas for each grade so our customers would know which grade they need.

So there are 3 types of bulk Amphotericin B API powder in total in the market:

1. Oral/topical grade

2. Injection grade (Common Type)

3. liposomal-Injection grade.

All those 3 grades are intended for different purposes.

#1. Topical Grade

The topical grade is the cheapest type, it has the lowest HPLC purity (HPLC purity of around 80%).

It is the crude powder and raw materials used to further produce the injection-grade powder.

For topical grade powder with Commercial order quantities, our price is about 1600~1800 USD/kg as CNF by air.

If you only have an order of 1kg, our price is about 2100~2300, depending on the shipping cost by FedEx of the destination countries to go.

The updated stock status of May 2023 for topical grade: out of stock.

#2. Injection Grade

The regular injection-grade amphotericin b API powder is the purer form of the topical grade.

The purity for injection-grade API is over 90% by HPLC.

It is used for the production of amphotericin B injections or powders for injection.

For commercial quantities of the common injection-grade API powder, the cost is around 13500~14500usd per KG.

If you plan to place a trial order of 1kilo, our price idea is 15500usd.

#3. Liposomal Grade

This type has the highest purity and the most complicated manufacturing process, thus, it is the most expensive type.

It is the injection-grade powder further processed with liposomal carriers to lower its toxicity to certain organs.

For orders over 10 KG, our price is about 20000 USD per KG.

For small quantities, the unit price can be over 25000 USD/kg.

Due to the sluggish demand and rising costs of labor, and environmental protection, its price has been on the rise since 2010.

Here we draw a price curve below, check it out:

injection grade amphotericin b price curve
Amphotericin B Raw Material Price Curve

You can also check its export prices before 2016 from China to India as below.

There you can see the main-stream cost is around 7400 USD per Kilo.

More importantly, after COVID-19 broke out, amphotericin B was found to be effective on certain aftereffects, it was sold out for several months.

Currently, we have the injection grade and several kilos of liposomal grade in stock for sale (no topical type), contact us now for a quick order before it is sold out again.

For other order quantities and more updated prices, please contact us directly.

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