How is Vitamin K2 Manufactured?


vitamin k2 chemical structure (Menaquinone-7)
MK7 Chemical Structure

Vitamin K2 is a yellow powder widely used as a nutritional supplement together with Vitamin D3.

It was first found in fermented foods, but later chemically synthesized for commercial uses.

It is also the most expensive version of the Vitamin K series. (One kilo of Vitamin K1 oil 98% type in 2021 costs 2000USD, while 1 gram of 98% MK7 costs 450USD or more)

The cheaper version of VK2 is menaquinone-4 (MK4) or Vitamin K2(20).

Speaking of the production of MK7, we must say something upfront: there is a very rare vegan vitamin k2 (MK7) in the market, the chance you are importing 98% pure vegan Vitamin K2 is close to Zero, OK?

Even if there is natural MK7, it can’t be extracted from plants, it must be fermented and extracted from certain germs.

Almost all the MK7s you can find in the market are chemically synthesized, not naturally extracted from plants or mushrooms, etc., just like almost all conventional Vitamin D3 are of animal origins.

If one supplier is claiming that their vitamin d3 powder is vegan or extracted from plants, you need to watch out, you are to be misled.

Okay, back to our topic: how is MK7 produced?

Here we give you guys one general way of synthesis for all MK series.

Check this synthesis route below:

MK7 Synthesis Route
vitamin k2 mk7 synthesis route

From the synthesis method above, you can synthesize any MK you like, just choose the right reaction conditions.

If you need more details on its synthesis, welcome to contact us directly.

How Much Does Synthesized Vitamin K2 98% Bulk Powder Cost?

There are 2 common types of VK2 in the market, 98% pure powder and other low-percentage powders mixed with excipients, such as 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, etc.

As we compared the prices for pure Vk1 oil and VK2(MK-7) powder from the section above, the price of menaquinone-7 powder is super high.

If you only buy several grams, it costs about 350usd per gram.

If you can raise your order quantity to 50 grams or 100 grams, the unit price will be brought down to 300 USD per gram.

If you are a heavy buyer and you order it in kilos, we can discuss strategic partnerships, and then you can get special offers.

Anyway, the prices of MK-7 are not fixed and will fluctuate with the raw material cost.

With the increasing costs of labor, utility, water, rent, management, etc, the price of Vitamin k2 is on the rise on yearly basis.

The price for Vk2 has doubled in 10 years, increasing the rate by 10% each year.


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