From The Alpha-Arbutin Sample To Find Orlistat Manufacturers In China

Mr. Oleg first finds us through our website for pure alpha-arbutin powder used as a whitening agent for cosmetics in 2017 and we work together since then.

Though his company has registered and distributed cosmetic raw materials within Russia for over five years, this is his first time trying active pharmaceutical ingredient distribution.

He is not very familiar with the regulations of the pharmaceutical industry in their Ministry of Health and he needs our recommendations for the most suitable orlistat manufacturers to register.

Difficulties In Front Of Us

Though Mr. Oleg has been dealing with Cosmetic raw materials from China, this is the first time for him to try to import Pharmaceutical ingredients to Russia.

The Registration process for pharmaceutical ingredients to get Import permits is more complicated than the process of registration of cosmetic raw materials.

It takes more documents and stricter inspections on API manufacturers to register an API in Russian MOH.

At that time, shipping chemicals to Russia happened to be more difficult than at any time, while his end customer had an urgent demand for cosmetic-grade glutathione reduced for production.

The end-user needs the glutathione sample to run basic trial tests before the commercial order.

Mr. Oleg has no other options but flies directly to our city to get the L-glutathione sample himself, meanwhile, discussing the possible options for the orlistat manufacturer.

If you are a regular importer of orlistat powder from China, you should already know the main 5 GMP manufacturers for pure orlistat powder:

  1. hisun Pharma
  2. Eastchina Pharma
  3. The United Laboratories (TUL) etc.

Nearly all of the manufacturers have signed exclusive distribution agreements with their early agents for distribution in Russia and other countries nearby.

End Of The Story

After picking up samples from our office for L-Glutathione Reduced powder, Mr. Oleg and Chris flew right away to one of the orlistat manufacturers to sign a preliminary contract for an exclusive orlistat distribution agreement.

Meanwhile, Mr. Oleg also got the orlistat sample for testing with him before leaving the factory for MOH registration.

How We Did It

By looking up Customs export data, we find that one of the orlistat suppliers exported very small quantities in the past two years to Russia.

We also ask for help from a friend who is close to the manufacturer we try to work with.

Our friend informs us that the manufacturer is not happy about the exclusive distribution agreement with his current agent in Russia.

The agent places very small orders after signing.

It doesn’t even meet half of the quota written in the agreement.

The manufacturer wishes to stop the agreement by the end of the year and start another one with more potential.

You may say it’s our pure luck in this case, but we would say God helps those who help themselves.

We tried our best against all odds and then we finally made it.

When it comes to this point, you may say this is the end of the story, but no, it is not. It happens that Mr. Oleg is a Basketball fan like Chris.

Before Mr. Oleg leaves for his flight, he and Chris manage to play some quality basketball together.

Find Orlistat Manufacturers In China For Russian Markets

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