Alpha-Arbutin 84380-01-8 Powder For Sale!

Alpha-Arbutin 84380-01-8 Structure

Alpha-Arbutin Structure

Purity: 99% as min

Standards: Enterprise

Free sample For Quality Approval: Available

Packing: 1kg/foil-bag, 25kg/drum (standard)

MOQ: 1KG (Subject To Negotiation)

Lead time: Contact Us Before Order

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What is alpha-arbutin powder?

Pure Alpha-Arbutin powder is a white to off-white solid widely used in cosmetics for skin whitening. 

In our daily lives we can find alpha-arbutin in foods, OTC drugs etc. But we see arbutin more often for arbutin skincare products and cosmetic products It is a skin-lightening agent to stop melanin formation in your skin.

What are arbutin benefits?

If you search arbutin for skin, you will find many arbutin skincare products on the market. You can see branded creams with arbutin, arbutin serums for hyperpigmentation, arbutin soap, arbutin lotion, arbutin mask. You can use them to even out your skin tone and treat acne scars. Below are some of arbutin benefits.

#1. It is one of the most effective whitening agents in stock. Alpha-arbutin can brighten dark spots on the skin in about 3weeks.

#2. Is arbutin safe? Arbin is natural and very mild to the skin like kojic acid dipalmitate. There is nothing to worry about arbutin safety. It won’t cause any irritations to your skin, even when you are a sensitive skin type.

#3. Arbutin is super compatible. You can combine arbutin with many other whitening ingredients to achieve a better whitening effect. You can mix it with kojic acid dipalmitate, vitamin C esters. It is actually what Glenmark has been doing. Their Demelan has both alpha-arbutin and Kojic acid dipalmitate, along with Glycolic acid. Several Brand Cosmetics Manufacturers make arbutin into 2% alpha-arbutin solutions and combining 8% vitamin C solutions for their new shining series.

#4. Arbutin is vert cost-effective. Compared to Coenzyme Q10, Glutathione reduced, some of Vitamin C Esters, arbutin price is lower, especially when coenzyme q10 price almost doubled.

Alpha-Arbutin vs Beta-Arbutin

Both Aphfa-Arbutin and beta-Arbutin are white to off-white powder commonly used in cosmetics. Both them are water soluble. Though they are similar in many ways: they have the same molecular weight, chemical formula etc, they have their differences.

Alpha-Arbutin powder is one of the most efficient skin brighteners. In-vivo tests proved alfa-arbutin is more effective at 1.0% than Beta-Arbutin and 9 times more effective than Beta-Arbutin in-vitro.

Though beta-arbutin is cheaper than beta-arbutin, we still recommend alpha-arbutin to you because we know them better.

What is alpha-arbutin price?

For commercial order quantities of pure alfa-arbutin powder, our cnf by air price is around 350usd/kg.

For small quantities, alpha-arbutin price is around 500usd/kg.

For more accurate arbutin prices, please contact us directly.

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