Professor's Methoxsalen Powder Story and Plant Extraction line

Main story

Dr. Mohammed is a Professor from a university in Egypt specialized in research of plants and agriculture.

Professor first turns to us for help through our website. He is trying to buy methoxsalen powder (8-Methoxypsoralen or 8-MOP) for one of his projects. 

When we indicate our lead time and methoxsalen price on the phone, we could almost feel his relief from his tone that there is no need for him to look further. 

He should have contacted other suppliers for methoxsalen powder before, but he didn’t find the right supplier for him.

After this happy deal with us, Professor Mohammed is willing to share his other requirements other than APIs and chemicals

He has many projects on his hands.

Pure methoxsalen powder

Methoxsalen Powder


Professor’s new requirement is a plant extraction line. The total value is estimated at 1,580,000.00 USD.

Though our mother company Sunrise Technology has been dealing with equipment for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry over 20 years, their focus is on analysis equipment, not the plant extraction line. 

This is a headache for both sides because there are tons of technical issues to be discussed together on functions and installations for each part of the plant extraction line. 

Octagonchem’s specialty is chemicals and APIs, not those plant extract machines. Especially what the Professor needs is all-new equipment never put to industrial-production before. 

Each part of the manufacturing line is from different manufacturers, We need to get all the parts from 4-5 different factories and assemble them. 

Which manufacturer should we choose to set them up? The key is to find the right one.

How we did it

After rounds of negotiations, we select one from the five manufacturers to be the assembler. 

It is the manufacturer among them who provides the most parts of the production line. This project requires close technical collaborations among all manufacturers. 

Though this is a huge project with a big margin, we still decide to back out from it. We know what we are good at and what we are not. It is wise for us to leave professional work to professionals. 

We are happy to take chemical orders for the Professor and provide all the help we can for the plant extraction line for him for free. 

Professor Mohammed praises us highly for what we have done for him. He promises us his future chemical orders as his thanks for our help in his production line project.

What others say

One of our colleagues says it is a pity we don’t get the professor’s order for the plant-extract line. 

If we can get it and try to set a temporary technical team, it will enrich our experiences for handling big projects.

We can’t say we don’t want to do it. The technical requirements for this project are beyond our current abilities.

The professor is still happily working with us now. Let’s hope we can successfully get one of his production projects soon.

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